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Jun 27, 2010 08:39 PM

Fresh water fish

My SO has been catching fish from a near by lake. Large mouth bass and some walleye. Not a cold water lake. Really good fish, no fishy flavor and nice flaky texture. Got us thinking about all of the terrible fish we'd eaten as kids and even adults in some restraunts.

Long way to it - I know fresh caught fish is always better, but I know how stuff is flown around the world. With all of the depletion of ocean stocks why aren't more people open to fresh water fish?

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  1. Lots of freshwater fish are quite common, incl. tilapia, trout, and catfish.

    Heck, even Denny's nowadays has two different tilapia entrees on their menu.

    1. There isn't much commercial fishing for freshwater fish, most are considered game fish, so commercial fishing is not allowed. Most largemouth bass are released as there is a culture among bass fisherman for catch and release, although limited harvest is actually better for the species. There is limited commercial catfishing in the south, and if you've ever had good wild catfish, you'll swear off farm raised. Deanie's Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana serves it.

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        That makes sense. We usually fish catch and release, but with a smaller budget in years past if it's a legal catch we tend to eat it now days.

        1. re: corneygirl

          Also, at least in the Great Lakes, a lot of the fish is high in heavy metals and toxins and you aren't supposed to eat it frequently.

          But I never EVER pass up a chance to eat lake perch or whitefish, if it's fresh!