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Jun 27, 2010 08:31 PM

TNFNS: Season 6, Episode 4 (Spoiler Alert!)

thought i'd start a new thread for tonight's episode.

initial thoughts:
- i'm a lttle less impressed with Aria with each passing week.
- the elimination challenge strikes me as something they'd do on Top Chef.

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  1. this year looks more and more like Top Chef.
    I agree about Aria. Also she reminds me more and more of a pale comparison to Ina. Do they need two?
    Aarti is more and more appealing. I REALLY wanted to eat her food tonight.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      I agree with both of you! Aarti's food looked amazing! Didn't get Pete doing the pork instead of steak - seemed like a total disconnect to me. But, he wasn't as obnoxious as last week. I was torn to see Das go, because as they said he has great potential, but seriously a berry sauce with a steak?

      1. re: jujuthomas

        The berries confused me too. Maybe if he had reduced some balsamic vinegar and made the berries as a sauce with that?

        However, his "Prime" vs "Filet" comments did not help his case either.

        1. re: Philly Ray

          that was just sad! even later when Bobby gave him a chance to redeem himself he didn't get it quite right.

          1. re: Philly Ray


            First the "Triberry" sauce, then the prime coming from above/below the filet (cant recall exactly)

            Berry sauce on steak sounds downright disgusting to me

      2. It was hard to see Das go. A tough decision, but I do understand why the panel made it. Herb would have been even tougher. He may be the sleeper here. I think Paul is on pretty thin ice.

        1. I was glad to see the celeb chefs. I was afraid Das would go and as the woman judge said, he gets a bit better but could he progress enough? He was a smooth guy tho.

          I think this whole 180 turnaround of Herb is weird tho. He comes in all gang busters and then goes in the complete opposite direction. It didn't make sense to me, even with the background of not getting positive reinforcement and all that. He was completely over the top positive at the start of the show.

          1. I'm less impressed with both Aria and Herb. At first, I liked Aria but she talks like a kindergarten teacher to her class. I thought it was funny that the easiest challenge, steak and mac and cheese did the worst. And, what was Paul thinking that pork tenderloin and spatzle are the same as steak and mac and cheese? And, the "blue collar" side argument didn't cut it since he used pork tenderloin which isn't an inexpensive cut of meat. Thinking outside the box doesn't mean ignoring the box.

            OTOH, I really like Aarti more and more. I love that she was comforting Herb and seems to always be there for the other contestants and giving them credit for what they do well. Her food looks great, too. AND, there's no one like her and no food like hers on Food Network.

            The "pro" view on FTV (his name escapes me)? That IS the majority of the cooking shows. He adds nothing new or different and doesn't bring professionalism into it. I thought it was funny how he said he could talk to the judges, since they were all "chefs", clubby.

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            1. re: chowser

              the one with the "Pro" POV is Brad. he's adorable and can clearly cook, but i think i have to agree with HabaneroJane - he'd be a better fit for Top Chef. he's just not a TV "personality." there was another contestant a few years ago - also very young - who had a similar POV. i think his name was Shane...? but i also recall that he had never even been out of the country and the panel realized early on that he wasn't worldly enough.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Wasn't he the one that got paird with the uber-perky Chelsea? They kind of clicked in the team challenge. I think he's got a show on a local channel somewhere. FTV has some "where are they now" bios on their web site, I think I read that there.

            2. Artie, by far, is my favorite. She brings her own spin to each challenge and seems to have quite a repertoire. I am less and less impressed with Brianna each week. Her story seemed very much contrived to me and I didn't buy it. Maybe that is because I was already turned off by her.