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Jun 27, 2010 08:20 PM

roadside chow on I-80 entering OH towards toledo

I don't need a white tablecloth spot per se, but i was scanning my route from I-80 from PA into ohio (up to toledo) and did not see many towns that rang a bell. Is there any reputable spots to grab a quick bite to eat along that stretch?

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  1. Rotuno's is very close to 80. BBQ. I've had a couple good meals there. I'd go more often if it weren't so far away.

    I'd also look at restaurants in the Cleveland area. Something near any of the major highways would add only 10-15 minutes, round trip.

    1. Kent isn't too far away from 80, and there a few places there. Taco Tontos would be perfect for a quick bite. However, if you didn't want to venture that far out , you'll be driving through some of the southern Cleveland suburbs. I would look into North Royalton, Elyria, Strongsville, and Berea. I've been wanting to try Treehugger's Cafe http://www.myabcspace.com/treehugger/ in Berea, but haven't made it up that way yet.

      Taco Tonto's
      123 Franklin Ave, Kent, OH 44240

      1. looks like i have a spot on the way there and back.....thanks for the recommendations.