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Jun 27, 2010 04:28 PM

slider rolls at costco?

Hi everyone
Does anyone know if costco sells slider rolls? I live in southern cal (pasadena). I am having about 30 people for a party and I am thinking costco is the place to go for bulk....but I do want them to be tasty too. Any suggestions?
thanks for your help!!

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  1. This post should be in Los Angeles or Chains. The Costco in New Hampshire does not carry them but inventory varies. If the Martin's brand of bread and rolls is sold in your area, their round potato and whole wheat potato rolls are tender and delicious, and measure a scant 3" in diameter.

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    1. Last time I went there looking at their in-house bulk baked stuff I only saw dinner rolls that you would have to cut in half yourself but they aren't really all that tasty.

      One thing you can do is use King Hawaiian rolls which are nicely soft and tasty as well! Most of the food trucks use them for sliders and the one I work with does as well, we just cut them in half and crisp them up.

      1. I was at Trader Joes the other day and saw them there. Not in bulk, but they had them.

        1. i use the king's hawaiian sweet dinner rolls when i make sliders. they can be purchased in bulk at costco.

          1. I recently catered a party and served Sliders...I got the buns at Trader Joe's and they were decent. Make sure you get fresh ones though. I think they were $1.19 for pack of 10.