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Jun 27, 2010 03:49 PM

cafe or coffee house to work for 3 hours in Chantilly or Centreville?

One of my children will be going to a 3-hour camp in Chantilly in the mornings. I'd like to hang out at a cafe to work on my laptop (wifi preferred but not necessary since I am working on a report) that serves good coffee and some kind of breakfast fare (not a big breakfast eater so even a muffin will do - if it's good) than head back home to work since I'll lose 40 min RT and quality time to work while the kid's in camp! I've read about Java Dave's but a review on Yelp! ( noted it's more of an icecream parlor atmosphere - and loud (I need some quiet to work).

Am I dreaming such a place exists? Or will I just have to hit a place like Manhattan Bagel or Starbucks and then go to the library?

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  1. You might check out Eggspectations in Chantilly, VA off Westfields Blvd. exit on Route 28. Great large, medium, or small breakfasts and other meals. Great baked goods too and reasonable prices.

    Our family of 8 (6 kids and 2 adults) ate their for Father's Day before church. Great food/service.

    Web site is below-- Eggspectations' site/info

    Also, my hubby took some of his employees there recently for a business meeting for lunch and they loved it.

    Hope that helps.

    1. For what it's worth, starting July 1, WiFi will be free at all Starbucks. Coffee snobs have issues with their coffee, and just plain snobs have issues with Starbucks in general, but generally the shops are fairly quiet, have a few work tables, and their muffins are OK.

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        Thanks for the Eggspectations link...I've got a week of camp so will def. try it and report back. I don't have issues with Starbucks other than I like to try to support local, mom and pop businesses if/when I can.