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Jun 27, 2010 03:49 PM

Thai Cafe at Hastings and Gilmore -- no reports?

So the proprietors of this place were at the Buddhist event on Saturday at Trout Lake, and they were serving up some mighty fine pork on sticks. So fine that I am contemplating packing the VW with emergency supplies and making the Great Trek past Boundary Road :-).

I looked for writeups and found a few mostly positive ones on dinehere (they appear to have a licence as well which surprised me), plus one mention with no deets from moyenchow here on Feb 11/10

Anyone been and care to share?

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  1. I was curious about this place too. So I looked it up, and to my surprise, I have been here. IIRC, went for lunch a couple of years ago. Not remembering is more a reflection of age than the resto. Good value for lunch. I liked their chicken green curry. Of course, will have to hunt for their skewers next time.

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      Thanks, els, that is good enough for me. Now to kit myself out for the big expedition :-). Hmm, maybe I should take a few intrepid 'Hounds with me for protection... and extra tummy space!

    2. I'm not a Thai expert, but I've always liked going to the Thai Cafe for dinner. I can't say if the food is authentic but I think the staff are Thai. They are very nice, patient and very accommodating if possible.

      I like the green curry (I like the eggplant in the dish), the swimming rama and the pineapple fried rice. I even like the Pad Thai. I normally don't order Pad Thai because you often get a mushy/oily/clumpy mess, but not at the Thai Cafe. I also like the sticky rice desserts they have.

      The only thing is they close early even on weekends. 9:30pm on weekends.

      Last thing the Thai Cafe is closer to Carleton Avenue than it is Gilmore. There's parking on Carleton.

      Hey Grayelf if you do make the Great Trek come a little early so you can do some shopping at either Red Apple Market which has cheap but quality Italian products and fresh vegatables & fruit OR Cioffi's.

      As an aside, I've been to a few Thai places downtown and Thai Cafe, but I've always found the food tastes about the same and is priced about the same. I haven't been to Maenam. Is this due to fact that Vancouver doesn't have great Thai food scene or maybe I just don't have a palate for Thai food?

      1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

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        Thanks for the deets, moyenchow! And the tip about shopping beforehand -- I like the Cioffi's closer in and Red Market sounds good.

        Early closing time is okay for us -- we often have the little niece in tow so tend to eat unfashionably early these days :-).

        As for the whole question of Thai in Vancouver, wiser heads than I say the scene here is weak. It's certainly weaker than in TO when I left a hundred years ago. And you're right that all the Thai restaurants seem to have the same stuff. I wonder if you could get off menu specialties if you knew enough about the food, as is possible at various Chinese places around town? My brother spent some time in Thailand -- maybe I'll ask him if he has any ideas about that...