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Jun 27, 2010 03:07 PM

The Pioneer Woman

Just discovered ThePioneerWoman.Com website. As a foodie the only thing I like better than reipes that have a picture are recipes that outline the cooking/preparation process. In her cooking section she has numerous pictures with cute little wttisisms (is that even a word?). Anyhoo, well worth checking out if you love to search for recipes.

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  1. Here's a link to the many Pioneer Woman threads:

    Most of the food blogs I look at have the same level of detail as Ms. Drummond's. And witticism IS a word.

    1. I enjoy PW's entire site. I like the step by step instructions too - she gave me the confidence to make my own sushi which came out great. Most of her recipes I find a little bland and are not on my keeper list but she gives great advice and I check in there on a regular basis.

      When I'm doing a big party I actually start there first as she's cooking for at least six people and I love her humor.

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        Agree with JerryMe about the recipes but I feel terrible even saying that!! She is one very talented woman and funny! As a beginning photographer I marvel at her photos and I love the way she writes. I just wish she would delve into the food a little deeper, but I think she is cooking for her audience and they seem to have no complaints!