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Jun 27, 2010 01:59 PM

Quick Help...Seasoning Shrimp Pasta Salad?

I'm thinking about shrimp pasta salad for dinner tonight but need help with seasoning it. Wife does not like dill so that is out. Basically using these ingredients:

Maybe Bowtie Pasta or Rotini
Mayo or a substitute if someone has a suggestion
Grated Onion

Any other suggested ingredients and, most importantly, seasoning. I'm looking for something mild and summery but flavorful.


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  1. Tarragon? Or maybe lemon and rosemary.

    1. How about some chopped or thinly sliced celery in there? And diced red bell pepper. As for seasonings, I would do a dash and grab in the herb garden - some combo of parsley, thyme, basil perhaps.....even cilantro, but maybe not with the mayo....ooh and how about halved cherry or grape tomatoes?

        1. The chopped celery & fresh herbs are a great suggestion. How about a homemade vinaggrette instead of mayo? You could use any combo of oil with vinegar and/or lemon juice with fresh herbs, salt, pepper and just a touch of mustard to help emulsify.

          You could certainly add in artichoke hearts or black olives (kalamata or other brine cured olive), maybe some feta or some other crumbly type cheese?

          Oh, and cukes! I love cukes and they are just coming into season here in my part of the world. In this application, I would either use a short thicker julienne or quarter cuts.

          Happy eating!