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Jun 27, 2010 01:00 PM

Groceries, seafood, ingredients, etc. in Sag Harbor/Noyack area

Hi, I'm renting a house in Noyack this August and was wondering if anyone could recommend some nice local grocery stores, supermarkets, seafood shops, bakeries, or butchers in the Sag Harbor-Noyack area. Most of what I'm finding on these boards are restaurant recommendations, in which I'm not interested at all. I plan on cooking every night we're there to take advantage of the grill.

I've picked up a couple of little recs here and there on the boards for Cavaniola cheese shop and Cromer's. Anywhere else? I'm really not interested in big name places like Citarella, even if they aren't that far (I live 3 blocks from a Citarella in Manhattan). I want nice, small, mom and pop type shops or at least supermarkets that won't rob me blind but have a good selection. Maybe particular roads where there are a lot of fruit and veg stands during the summer season?

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  1. Schiavoni IGA in town may look antiquated, but they have a very nice modern selection of everything: butcher, deli, bakery, upscale groceries and so on. Family run and very friendly, like the 1950s.

    Seafood they will probably rob you blind wherever you go, sorry about that! For lots of produce stands, take a ride to Riverhead. Otherwise every town has a farmers market one day of the week.

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      I love Sciavoni! Also, Cromer's is pretty good.

      For seafood, if you felt like taking a little day trip, I recommend heading to COr-J market in Hampton Bays, at the Ponquogue Bridge. They're affordable and by far, the freshest market i've ever gotten seafood at.

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        there's a year old butcher/fishmonger right by the hardware stores, schiavonis etc on 114 that you might also want to check out.

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          East End Prime? Right next to Cavaniola, on Division St (114). Just noticed them the other day, I'll have to stop in.

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            cant remember the name - it is probably east end prime iirc. separately, i had an unbelievably delish chicken from iacono farms - cooked it at around 500 in the big green egg, perfect.

            you really do have to cook at home in these parts.

            1. re: howler

              You are so right , I get a pizza once in a while and that's about it. So much good local food available for home cooking; you can't make it taste bad if you try, although the Big Green Egg is icing on the cake!

      2. Needing the same info, so appreciate all the helpful contributions - thanks!