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Jun 27, 2010 11:31 AM

Looking for an Amazing Hotel Restaurant near Lajatico

We will be attending a concert in Lajatico (which on the map appears to be not too far from Volterra) and would love some recommendations for a great restaurant. Our preference would be a restaurant that is part of a hotel, or near a nice one. Our dream would be to find a destination-worthy restaurant in a beautiful hotel with a pool and spa--is that too much to ask? I searched for Lajatico and found nothing. Do I have to go further away--to Siena or Florence?

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  1. That whole area is dotted with "relais" -- but what the quality of the restaurants are is hard to track down.

    There is a wine and olive oil producer right in Lajatico that has accommodations, and cooks meals for its guests in its onsite resturant with the products of the farm. I would go there, because I think that if the "destination" is rural Tuscany, the best food you are going to get is on a farm which has for generations been working the land.