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Jun 27, 2010 11:22 AM

Brew pubs in Austin?

We're heading to Austin for volleyball nationals next week. Saw a post earlier about suggestions for where to take the boys and I definitely will do some more research there about feeding our 18 year olds also but.........

this post is about making the adults happy! We love to find brew pubs whenever we travel and taste locally brewed beer. Would love to hear where we need to go on our visit. Thanks!

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  1. We've got a few that you might like.
    Uncle Billy's Brew-B-Q-very fine, award winning beers and ales, some easy to drink, and some quite bold. BBQ is fair to good, but not one of Texas must-have stops, but with the great beers, it will certainly do.(Soon to have a 2nd loc. at Lake Travis)
    North by Northwest-a little higher end food, and some very tasty beers.
    Lovejoy's-a very cool 'dive' bar that makes their own beer.
    Also, stop in The Whip In-a convenience store-turned beer bar/Indian Food restaurant with a good range of Texas Micros.(soon to be a brew pub too!)

    Uncle Billy's
    1530 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

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        Thanks for the link. I did do a search first and only got hits where beer was mentioned in the thread and not the thread topic. Looking forward to doing my research!

    1. You might also check out the Draught House, in north central Austin. It's a cool place. They have a few in-house brews as well as a whole lot of other taps. It's a real neighborhood pub vibe, especially when folks bring along lawn chairs to hang out in the parking lot. Their website has a whole lot of useful links. http://www.draughthouse.com/

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        Ginger Man, although not technically a brew pub, is the gold standard for beer nerdism.