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Jun 27, 2010 11:19 AM

Ricotta and Mascarpone?

After successfully making a new recipe for Polenta Cheesecake, I'm left with half a big container of ricotta and a small tub of mascarpone. Anything I can do with them that's delicious and EASY? I don't usually use either, so I'm idea-less. TIA.

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  1. Lasagne and Canelloni occurred to me!

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    1. re: jo_jo_ba

      Even easier than those is a quick pasta bake. Just mix up the cheeses, plus some parm, with tomato sauce, mix with al dante pasta, top with mozz, and bake at 425 degrees or so.

      Ricotta is also very good added to simple salads, like with grilled veggies or beets.

      Spread ricotta on toasted baguette slices, top with choice of satueed or raw veggies like greens, tomato, shallot.

    2. If you have any reason to make whipped cream, you can start with a mix of cream and marscapone, then whip. Will stay "set" longer that way.

      I love marscapone with a little bit of sugar and fruit. So decadent. Like whipped cream in a semi-solid state.

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        Can't think of anything better, or more simple than, marscapone on toasted sliced baguette and topped with a fig

      2. If I were you, neither of them would last very long, because I would be eating them out of the container with a spoon standing in front of the open fridge. I'm weak... so very weak.

        Ricotta is great with veggies, pasta, on pizza, for dessert, for ricotta gnocchi (sheer awesomeness...)
        The mascarpone, I would head straight to the nearest place to buy local produce, grab whatever berries look the best, combine, and savourrrr. Lucky you for having leftovers!

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        1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

          Bingo! Blueberries languishing (well, not for long now) in the fridge, mascarpone to top them tomorrow. Thanks, W_F_D. Easy is easy. That's easy.
          Barryg, ricotta on baguette with sauteed shallot --- intriguing and almost as easy.
          I see I'm coming in late to the decadent cheese-lovers party. Thanks, everyone!!!!!!!

        2. i love mascarpone on a toasted bagel. add lox if you want

          1. Ricotta makes a nice quick pasta. Before draining reserve a little pasta water. Add a couple big spoonfuls (maybe a couple Tbs a serving) to the pasta and some of the saved water to make it creamy. I like to add peas and a ton of fresh ground black pepper. Fresh basil or parsley is nice to. Like other comments I like it on pizza as well, or toast.