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Jun 27, 2010 11:06 AM

Taste of Cambridge

Does anyone have any experience with this event? It takes place Tuesday, June 29 (postponed from June 24 due to rain) at the Charles Hotel. There is an impressive list of participants. A search turned up no previous discussion.

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  1. I'm wondering myself as I have tickets but cannot seem to find anything discussing the lineup this year. What I'm wondering is if they cancelled due to thunderstorms on Thursday and the forcast says thunderstorms for Tuesday, what is the plan going to be?

    1. yup - it was cancelled last week due to thunderstorms. i thought last years event was great - spread out through the charles hotel courtyard with a cool little cocktail area. better than any of the other "taste of's" i've been to...

      1. Hmm. There definitely have been threads on this in the past. My suspicion is that the search feature only works for a year and there haven't been any active posts since. Well, we had really good experiences at this event the first few years-- 2004-2007 ish. The food options were always great. Then, the ticket prices went up and it got really crowded. I haven't gone since it's been in Harvard Square, but if it's been rescheduled this year, that might be an ideal time to go since it might be less crowded.

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          What does the general admission ticket buy you? Do you pay separately for food and drink once inside or is that covered in the price of admission?

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            Here's a link to a few posts from the last few years. If you put "Taste of Cambridge" in quotes, and then after the initial search appears, go to Date and change the parameter to 5 yrs. you'll usually, but not always get more results.


          2. I do find it a bit odd that the website still has the earlier date listed and no mention of the rescheduling and whether they'll still be selling tickets on the new night.