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Jun 27, 2010 10:22 AM

Hop production

Washington,Oregon, Idaho..........major production areas in the US.
Recently read that State of NC looking into planting/ cultivating in the western part of the state (after experiencing the hop shortage).
How long might it take to become a viable production area and what might be the expectation for the hop characteristics grown in this area.....or would the growing environment impact greatly the flavor profile of the hop......?

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  1. The general consensus is that hops take about 3 years to mature to full potential. The growing conditions will have an effect on flavor, but I don't think the major concern about growing hops on the east coast is about flavor profile, but has more to do with growing conditions that lead to disease - mostly downy mildew - which seems to be the major reason why hop growers abondoned the east coast in the first place.

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      Thanks.....upon further investigation I learned the same...........Although would be nice for us east coaster's to be able to establish / boast about our own "cascade" hops.........and an indigenous IPA phenomenon like the west coast.....