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Jun 27, 2010 09:33 AM

Best Dim Sum in Austin?!

Well the title pretty much says it all. Where is your favorite place to go? I've been recommended Chinatown off mopac.

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  1. Welcome to the board, JetGirl. Here are a couple of links (pulled up via search) that more or less address your question:



    Except for Tien Hong closing, all that info is current.

    1. I really like Fortune in the Asian Center off of Braker.
      It's the traditional cart service and the food is superb. They also offer it a lot more often than most places.


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        I like Fortune, too. I'm not sure if it's the best because I need to give them another try with a larger group. Last time we were only two and therefore couldn't try nearly as many dishes as I would have liked. There was one dish in particular, roasted pork with crispy skin, that we really, really liked.

        Of the options in town though, I think they have the best service. The cart people just seemed happier in general and more helpful--as opposed to being in a hurry to get to the next table like Shanghai and Chinatown, and our waitress kept a very close eye on the state of our table (refilling glasses, clearing plates).

      2. My faves are Pao's Mandarin House in Lakeway followed by Shanghai.

        Pao's is a commitment because of the drive, but well worth it if you go in a large group.

        Shanghai is consistent and very centrally located.

        Pao's Mandarin House
        2300 Lohmans Spur, Lakeway, TX 78734

        1. If you're looking for votes here, I'm in for Chinatown. I still need to try Fortune dim sum, though I have not been incredibly impressed by them otherwise.

          1. heres some of my favorites.
            Shanghai is my number 1 choice
            chinatown would be number 2 but it is on the pricey side
            I though fortune seafood was strictly OK. I like their dinners better

            Another overlooked place,especially if you need a mid week dim sum fix is Get Sum Dim Sum.

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              Perhaps I hit Get Sum Dim Sum on an off day or ordered wrong, but everything I ate was bland and heavy. I'd take Fortune, T&S or Chinatown anytime instead of GSDS.