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Jun 27, 2010 07:53 AM

Beaufort, SC......

This is buried in a post below about places to eat in Beaufort but the poster indicates a new restaurant has opened in Beaufort serving BBQ as well as low country cuisine. I thought it should be reposted so many would see it.

Smokey Chef BBQ @ Beaufort, SC 843 - 489 - 4800.

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  1. We just ate here two nights in a row. We are tourists, and I'm not about to do a lecture on local BBQ- but we thought Smokey Chef was overthetop great. Ribs done perfectly- meat falls off the bone, but with texture intact. Fine chicken, not overcooked. Everything smoked over hardwood, sold by the pound without sauce. Sides are 2-die-4: collards hush puppies slaw- (even the green salad-!) Chef divulged her collard recipe. If you live near Beaufort, you're fortunate- go.

    1. Haven't eaten there, but they've been there for a little while now.

      The chef is a man not a woman.