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Jun 27, 2010 06:45 AM

Alchemy in Gloucester

I went to Alchemy for lunch last week to see if its new iteration is any better than the old one. I am desperate for a place that is not Passports. The Alchemy owners expend so much effort on their decor but the food has always been so terrible/mediocre/inconsistent/overpriced.

I asked the waiter whether the "serving platters" feed two and he said yes. Well, the platter wouldn't even have fed one elderly woman on a diet. We ended up ordering two platters -- the Mediterranean and the cheese -- and lots more pita bread.

The food itself was good. The cheeses were especially well chosen -- nice variety of hard and soft, a nice jam, some fig thing that I didn't try, and a little pot of honey, a great touch, but only maybe five or six crackers. The Med platter was OK -- hummus, tabbouleh and something I can't remember.

Would I go back? Not sure. In the end, it felt like I had spent $15 for cheese and crackers.

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  1. Pretty dismal, could have gone to Lewis' in Essex, sat at the bar and had free cheese and crackers with your drinks. Alchemy got blow away in a seafood throwdown, about 2 seasons ago, by our fav little owner of Sugar Mag's. I wish she'd open for a dinner once and a while on a Sat., she'd do well. I just can't understand the hype about this place.