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Jun 27, 2010 06:16 AM

Purple Rain Asian Food - Bad Luck, or Despicable?

We ordered in from Purple Rain on Thursday evening.

I'm not a Chinese food snob - I like Highway 7 and Spadina Ave, but I have a different standard for delivery.

We ordered a variety of items from Purple Rain - we were hungry, and wanted to have some leftovers as well. It looked like good, kind of junk-foody Chinese - just what we were in the mood for.

Everything (from tom yum soup, beef with snow peas, cashew chicken, and mushroom fried rice tasted the same - like under-seasoned, slightly burnt, dishwater. They literally did not have noticeably different flavors at all.

I've seen places Iike have a very bad night, so that may be the case here, but I'd be interested to hear from others - were we unlikely, or is this a typical mean from this place?

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  1. since my wife sometimes craves junky chinese, we're slowly cycling through their delivery menu - it's hit or miss I suppose, last time the singapore fried rice was not good but the cashew/tofu dish was great. Burnt and dishwater aren't words I'd use to describe what we've had from them, but they do err on the side of underseasoned (ma po tofu and a few noodle dishes come to mind).