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Jun 27, 2010 05:13 AM

Portsmouth NH for Dinner

Looking for a good dining spot in Portsmouth for dinner in July. We love the town & have stopped there on our way back from camp visiting day for the past 2 years. Just hoping for some new suggestions on where to eat. Any thoughts?

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  1. For more upscale dining I like Brazo, The Green Monkey or Black Trumpet
    More casual there's the River House (on the water near Poco's) i always think the portsmouth brewing co has good food
    A little over the bridge in Kittery Point is Chauncy creek lobster pound, which is a truly great experience (bring your own alcohol and sides)
    Also just over the bridge is anneke jans- upscale and delicious

    By the way my parents used to stay in portsmouth around visiting day and now they live there

    Green Monkey
    86 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

    The Riverhouse Cafe
    123 Union Sq, Milford, NH 03055

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      We've had lunch at Chauncey Creek several times and really like it. Jumpin' Jay's has been our dinner spot for the past 2 years. We've just looking for something different. Brazo and Black Trumpoet are our my list. Thanks.

      1. re: Eliznan

        Chauncey Creek is quaint but there isn't much variety on the menu if you're not getting lobster or shellfish - (you can bring in anything, so you may want to carry in some other options.) We brought drinks and appetizers in - but didn't bring a good pair of kitchen shears or hammer like others to help crack the lobsters. Many bring in a full picnic set with table cloths, wine glasses, etc. Also, can be a steep climb down the ramp for those less mobile and is a very pet friendly. If you don't like dogs, you could be upset as they "visit" your table. Thank goodness most were well behaved and leashed during our dinner.

        1. re: Eliznan

          I'll be in Portsmouth next week. Thought of going to Jumpin' Jays, but it got mixed reviews on tripadvisor. I'm looking for fresh fish. Will be in NYC on same trip; want to have my fish fix in New England.
          Will also go to Primo on Rockport and Fore St. in Portland. Thanks.

          1. re: dsloane

            Jays is stil good. ate there last night. nice oysters and littlenecks too.

            1. re: dsloane

              Really? Bad reviews from tripadvisor?
              Wonder what happened.

              1. re: dsloane

                I love the Portsmouth restaurants and have been to most mentioned. Recently, we dined at Pesce's in Portsmouth and really enjoyed our meals.

                Take a look at the menu.

                1. re: dsloane

                  We ate at Jumpin' Jays' on Thursday night and it was still very good. NIce rare tuna and blackened mahi mahi on lobster hash. Excellent service.

            2. I tried the 106 Kitchen and Bar two weeks ago while in town. I thought it was good food for the price. They also have some interesting drinks and I like the space.

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