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OMG...Dreyer's Drumstick Ice Cream

This is so frigging good!
It's just like eating crumbled drumsticks..
Anyone had any of this yet?
It's new and one one of the 'fun flavors'..should be called one of the 'crack flavors'..it's that addictive!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Tried it last week. It is insanely good. Tastes better than actual drumsticks! adam

    2. Does this go by Edy's on East Coast...if so, been there..and it.is.very.good!
      Lately, I've been on a Coconut Ice Cream craze...anyone have a good rec? Saw some at Asian grocery store today and it was from Thailand...but couldn't buy it 'cuz it's 95 degrees/95% humidity here in SWFL and I had to make another stop before heading home--it would have been ruined...thanks!

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      1. re: Val

        @Val: yes, it's Edy's east of the Rockies. Dreyer's (of Oakland) originated Rocky Road, so I'm forever in their debt.... adam

        1. re: Val

          I love Ciao Bella brand coconut sorbet.
          I also adore the whole line of coconut milk based ice creams by both Coconut Bliss and by Turtle Mountain.

          1. re: milklady

            Thanks...those brands are not recognizable to me but I will try to locate! They may not be available to me in SWFL.

          2. re: Val

            Not sure if you have Rite Aid in SWFL (used to be Thrifty's) but they carry an insanely good coconut/pinapple ice cream. The true taste of the coconut really comes thru plus you get the sweet bits of the pineapple.

            1. re: karrill

              Karrill - Rite Aid is all over the country, but I was mystified when I heard people talk about their great ice cream. I learned on a thread here a while back that Rite Aid only sells ice cream in the L.A. area, because they bought up Thrifty's and kept its ice cream counter.

              1. re: Pia

                I'm in NorCal and we still have the ice cream counters in the older stores here too (not in most of the newer Rite Aids), but you can also buy their ice cream in 1/2 gallon containers in the grocery section here. Sorry to hear that their ice cream is only in California cause its awfully good.

          3. Oh no- my only ice cream weeknesses are homemade peach and Drumsticks- I'm in trouble now, since homemade peach ice cream doesn't come along often...

            1. I have many memories of standing in front of the ice cream truck, tortured by the decision between the drumstick and the strawberry shortcake. The boyfriend is a drumstick guy all the way. I think we know what's going to make an appearance in the cart during Tuesday's market trip.

              1. You do understand a post like this may indirectly cause someone gains weight, right?


                Man, I have not have a drumstick for ages, maybe I will try one.

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                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  lol...I pondered that question for that exact reason!
                  My fav on the Drumstick cones is the chocolate at the tip of the cone..with the waffle goodness wrapped around chocolate.
                  gotta try the ice cream..incredibly good!

                2. I cannot find Dreyer's or Edy's drumstick ice cream, but I got Nestle Drumstick. Looking forward to it, as I have not eaten one of these for years.

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                    1. re: EWSflash

                      Because of this post, I went out and got the Nestle Drumsticks and the Klondike Oreo Sandwishes and have been consuming one of each every day since. Talk about a lot of ice cream.

                  1. Ooooh, I'll be keeping an eye out, I haven't seen it yet. Those of you who have had it, what regions or stores have you seen it in? (I'm in Stanislaus county in CA, but I'm sure people in other areas would be quite interested in reports too!)

                    1. I tried it and was disappointed.

                      More interesting to me, though, was the first ingredient listed: whey.

                      And here I thought ice cream was made with cream.

                      1. One that's a similar idea and is REALLY good is Haagen Dazs Caramel Cone. Phenomenal!

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                        1. re: jbsiegel

                          Have you had Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream?

                          1. re: Emme

                            No, but I just looked it up online - definitely need to go get some!

                            1. re: jbsiegel

                              more decadent than the H-D version, but preferable IMNSHO.

                                1. re: jbsiegel

                                  They both sound preferable to Edy's Whey Product, I'll have to find them.

                                  H/D caramel cone lists cream as its first ingredient and no whey at all.

                                  Same with B&J's Americone.

                                  So. How DOES Edy's get away with this?


                                  The winner and still champion of the most disgusting ice cream in American -- Edy's.

                                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                                    "So. How DOES Edy's get away with this?"

                                    Answer. Edy's Drumstick is marked as a 'frozen dairy dessert'. Mystery solved.

                                    How did I solve the mystery? They fooled me not just once but twice, so it was my fault.

                                    It was on 'sale' - $2.47 for 48 ounces of a whey frozen dairy dessert, whoopee - and I saw 'root beer float', and thought, well it has no junk in it, so how bad could it be. Not remembering the 'whey' issue, I bought it. I checked out the label on the way home - yup, frozen dairy dessert, not ice cream at all - and once home read the lovely 'whey' first ingredient before I tasted it.

                                    Hopefully, they will refund my money when I call them, it's that bad.

                                    1. re: anonymouse1935

                                      Okay, done and done. Submitted my complaint via email.

                                      By the way, did you all know there was propylene glycol in this chemical abomination? No outrage on the whey? How about on the propylene glycol?

                                      This is a McDonald's shake for home consumption. Nary an 'ice' or a 'cream' to be found.


                              1. re: jbsiegel

                                Finally bought some of the B&J Americone Dream...didn't like it as much as the HD Caramel Cone. The B&J tasted a bit "chemical" (for lack of a better way to explain it). Also, I find that the B&J ice creams seem to melt much faster than the HD ones (and are more watery?). I do love B&J Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter cup, though!

                                1. re: jbsiegel

                                  i think the HD caramel cone is just a simpler variation. however, i am in the "yes please, get melty faster mr. ice cream" camp...

                                  1. re: Emme

                                    I totally agree with "getting melty"!! But...I kind of like the whole thing to soften...the B&J seems to melt (and get almost watery?) on the outside but not on the inside. The HD seems to nicely soften throughout better. Pretty scary that I've analyzed how ice cream melts!!!

                          2. Based the response to this post and based on my personal actions after reading this post, I am convinced (not proved) that: every minute an American increases one pound because of this post.

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                            1. Tried the Dreyer's Drumstick and thought it was good but not earth-moving. A real drumstick has a much higher proportion of cone, chocolate and nuts to the total volume.......... so maybe I was expecting too much. If they doubled the add-ins I could become an addict though. :o))