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Jun 26, 2010 09:32 PM

fish restaurant

finally with a day off from my new job and a little bit of cash to blow, tried out fish restaurant with a couple friends last night. ah, just like little fish, except on the west side of town and with alcohol! i LOVED this place. i'll start off with the only downside of the evening - we weren't big on the wine. my dining companions, having recently returned from a vacation to new zealand, have been smitten with marlborough region sauvignon blancs, which has always been one of my favorites too. fish offers one selection from this region, but even the state store selection is tastier. it didn't have much of the zing which makes me crave this wine in the summer. i can't remember the name of it, but since the cuisine matches a crisp white so perfectly we were ever-so slightly disappointed we didn't enjoy it enough to get a whole bottle. that's the end of my complaints. we switched over to a sweet cucumber martini, which instantly gets my vote for best martini of the summer (yea, i know it's still early on, but it's a pretty safe bet it'll remain at the top of my list). it comes with vodka, but we got one with henricks gin which was perfect as well. beautiful drink - and just one of them left us pretty woozy and happily disoriented. :) after that round we headed outside to a table and got a dozen oysters, four different types, so we could try one of each. i don't know much about oysters and i don't remember their names, but they were fantastic. went on to appetizers - the peekytoe crab with avocado (easily my favorite dish in the city right now!!!), the crouton/pepper/burrata salad (it has a fancier name than that, i can't remember what it was. very tasty) and the lobster, which was our least favorite of the three but still good (i personally thought it might be better-matched with a more simple butter sauce. the lobster itself was cooked perfectly). entrees were the skate wing with corn and a parmesan sauce poured at the table (my favorite) and two fish dishes, covina (i think that might have been its name? that's a guess) and wahoo. can't remember what sauces those came with, but all was excellent. i tend to favor salty things, and the peekytoe and the skate wing both featured not-shy amounts of salt. bottle of champagne to end the night. perfect dinner, great bartender and server. not an inexpensive joint, but definitely worth it. we left stuffed and happy. i can't wait to go back.

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  1. "covina (i think that might have been its name? that's a guess) "
    it was probably cobia.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Could have been corvina. I have been hearing that fish mentioned lately during specials recitations.

      1. re: Philly Ray

        i guess i just assumed cobia was more likely since it's easily accessible in Philly...corvina would certainly be more interesting.

    2. Thanks for the writeup. I really like this place. The buck-a-shuck for Happy Hour is a great deal because they have 3 or 4 different kinds of high quality oysters, all of which are better and more interesting than the typical Long Islands you get at other places.

      1. yes, corvina rings a bell!

        happy hour buck-a-shuck sounds awesome. do they still come with the same tasty garnishes? trying to remember precisely what they came with - i think two came with a cucumber garnish and two came with shallots? is HH at a normal 5-7 time, or is that the late-night happy hour i saw advertised on the chalkboard there? i think it was 9-11? was just raving to a friend about it over brunch today and now she wants to go, so i think another fish dinner is in my immediate future. yes!!

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        1. re: rabidog

          It's 5-7 but I think the late night one is the same deal. They definitely serve them with the mignonette (a cucumber-shallot, I think, for W coast oysters, something else for E coast), but don't think there is any garnish beyond that, though I might be forgetting.

          One thing their HH does not have that I miss is oyster crackers.

        2. Yes Fish is great. I also like the skate wing with parmesan sauce and the oysters are always fantastic. Miss Littlefish though.

          1. Supremely tempted by fish. But one of my party is a vegetarian... Did it seem like they offered any veg dishes or would be accommodating to vegetarians?