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Jun 26, 2010 08:31 PM

Blue Bunny has Coconut Macaroon Crunch ice cream out again

I did that happy dance that Walmart is showing right now about someone talking about Blue Bunny and price rollbacks.

I first discovered this ice cream in 2007, and the only place I can find Blue Bunny is at a Walmart in Amherst NH. The last 2 summers I couldn't find it stocked , but when I went last week to pick another flavor favorite, Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto with chocolate flakes and also saw the Coconut I was so happy. So much for trying to lose weight in the next couple of months.

I find these ice creams so creamy and delicious.

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  1. Oh suuuuure Hummingbird torture me with something you have on your side of the country. Never hear of it and now I want it cuz I love coconut ice cream, but rarely see it. I must investigate. What's the crunch? Any chocolate in it. I used to love the coconut ice cream with chocolate bits at the Penn State Creamery. How foolish that I didn't eat much of it when I was there.

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    1. re: Island

      Sorry Island. Here's the website so you can see if it is offered in your area.

      Blue Bunny is part of Weeks Dairy out of IA.

      The crunch is from coconut candy, but no chocolate, but easy to add some if you like.

      I never knew I liked coconut so much, I do like almond joy and every so often I found ice cream from an ice cream place that states it has something similar to almond joy candy, usually when I'm on vaction, and once in a while around here I've found something that will suffice when I want a cone or cup.

      But this flavor by BB is very very good, but only out for a couple of months.

      1. re: hummingbird

        Sounds perfect Hummingbird, but alas it's not meant to be for me. There is a WalMart within 20 miles of where I live that carries the brand, but not that flavor. I wonder why it's seasonal?

        1. re: Island

          Island you could ask them to add it if possible.

          Yes, it is one of their limited offerings.
          Here is a responce I got from BB regarding it: I think I may ask Walmart to post it on the case, so if others find it and like it they can ask Walmart to notify BB or just ask BB themselves to add it to their regular line up.

          Thank you for contacting Consumer Affairs regarding your fondness for the BLUE BUNNY Coconut Macaroon Crunch Ice Cream. We truly appreciate hearing from our valued customers.

          The BLUE BUNNY Coconut Macaroon Crunch Ice Cream flavor is part of our Feature Flavor program. This program is designed to enable us to introduce a variety of new or favorite flavors into the marketplace while, at the same time, allowing your store to continually offer a variety of BLUE BUNNY flavors despite their limited display space. The "featured" flavor is available to purchase for a limited time only, but if our customers' responses are favorable, we consider adding that flavor to our regular line or including it in our next year's Feature Flavor "line up". Therefore, I will be sure to forward your comments to our Marketing Department for their review and consideration.

          You may search our website to find which current feature flavors may be available in your stores. On the opening screen of, click on "Flavors and Treats", and then on

          "Family Flavors" and then lastly on "Limited & Seasonal Flavors".

          We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. We look forward to continuing our service to you.

          1. re: hummingbird

            Thanks Hummingbird. Called the 2 Walmarts that carry it and they don't have that flavor, Found a small supermarket called Major Market that is my go to for items no one else has and they carry BB (yeah), but not the flavor (boo), but they said they might be able to order it if I come in. Yeah! So I'll give it a whirl.

            BTW I called Blue Bunny and the woman I spoke to said only the large Walmart superstores have it. None in San Diego? Wow. She was so sweet, gave me the item #, told me WalMart is the only store (grocer?) in CA who allows them to check inventory so she couldn't tell me who else carries their brand. Isn't that bizarre? She also said she hopes I find it. "I'll feel sorry for you if I don't because it's that good". So funny!

            1. re: Island

              Island good luck, yes the Walmart I go to is a superstore.

              Have you tried any Asian markets for coconut sorbet or something like that.

              Talk about brain freeze, as I typed that I remembered that I had picked up some many months ago, and it was in my downstairs freezer. So I just went down there witha spoon in hand. Sure enough, right there on the door was a container. Been there for many months. After i scooped out the ice cystals, it was pretty decent, a non-dairy sorbet, with little coconut bits. Not nearly as good as the BB ice cream, but could do the trick with some added whip cream and chocolate.

              Heres the website:

              Susan' Which I will now go see if it works. If not I'll come back and edit.

              Wrongo, I just went down again with my $store glasses in hand, no spoon this time, it is:

              and they do offer it in CA. Funny as I bought it in a little Asian market in New Hampshire which is not a listed state. The website also mentions Costco at the bottom of the States list.

              So hope you'll be able to get one of these to fill that coconut icey craving.