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Jun 26, 2010 07:59 PM

Glastonbury update...

Just got back from strawberry moon, and heard that Bricco will hopefully be opening July 10 th, and new to me, Moes will be moving in on July 22nd, they will be next to Panerra...

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  1. I had not heard about Moe's coming ot town. that would be a welcome addition. Thanks, Jay

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    1. re: JayCT

      Moes? Really? Is the tanning place out?

    2. I would be shocked if Moe's comes to that space. I just cannot see it having the same amount of traffic that the ones at Evergreen Walk or Blue Back do. Would be happy to see it here though...

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      1. re: DAMASO

        I drove by the place and they are working on a shop next to Panerra. There is also a sign in front for a liquor permit, but I could not see what it said. I am not sure the July 22nd date will be met. We will see.

        As for the location, Glastonbury is an upscale town that has a lot of potential to become the next West Hartford. We will see if it will make it. Personally, I don't care for Moe's but it would be a welcome addition anyway. Jay

        1. re: JayCT

          I drove by there today myself and they now have the Moe's sign up on the building, so it looks like it's official!

          1. re: JayCT

            Im sorry, but I don't agree. I've lived there for close to twenty years. Glastonbury will never be west hartford center. The dems are different. Old money vs new money. Established parents vs new parents. Going out for a family dinner in WH is going to what many consider "an upscale restaurant" In WHC, people go to Bricco's EVERY WEEK, sometimes more...with their offspring. In Glastonbury, the income is there, but the families are younger, the debt seems higher.

            ANd glastonbury seems to wait to see what WHC does before they do anything. God, when the parsons daughter was around, OUTSIDE DINING wasn't even allowed (God, what would happen if a leaf fell in your food!

            I don't know, the parking garages in WHC are utilized, our ONE underground lot is empty HALF the time with people complaining that there is NO PARKING!!!

            The people are just different. At nine, glastonbury is already dying down, in WHC its just kicking in......ones not better or worse (except for the upscale food biz) they are just different.

            1. re: gabagool

              Glastonbury and WH are definitely different towns. WH is much more diverse, economically and racially. Glastonbury is smaller and much, much tighter with their zoning restrictions (ask CVS how long it took to get a damn sign installed). However, calling WH "old money" is laughable. Not originally being from the greater Hartford area or living here for any great length of time, I can assure you no one else in the state of CT considers WH "old money." I come from south and west of these some of my old "neighbors" in that part of the state know old money. ;)

              But I digress...I hope Glastonbury doesn't become the next WH center. While WH center is a nice place to visit, if I wanted that in my backyard I would have bought a house in WH.

              1. re: mels

                Sorry, old money compared to Glastonbury. I grew up in west hartford, not the nice side, but in west hartford none the less.

                You want to talk about litchfield, the gold coast, then its different. BUT, between the two towns we are talking about, old as old can be.

                1. re: mels

                  Mels - Where do you think the old wealth from Hartford live? You forget that Hartford has been a wealthy city for a long time. Most settled in West Hartford. That said I agree that Glastonbury is different. West Hartford Center is a regional destination for diners. People come from all over the metro area and the state. What you also forget is that West Hartford Center was dead 15 years ago and it was only when they loosened their regs to allow more eating establishments did it take off. Glastonbury is just starting to look at its town center in a more comprehensive way. Jay

          2. I walked by the other day...NEXT to the tanning place

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            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              so did Bricco open??? Has anyone been there yet? Dw is dying to try it but I would imagine it is going ot be crowded. Any information would be great. Jay

              1. re: JayCT

                Opened last night, dinner only. Haven't been yet, but really looking forward to it, since Bricco is our favorite restaurant in the area, by far.

                1. re: smoky

                  I am also a fan of Bricco in WH so I am looking forward to a review on the G-bury location. I'll be taking off for vacation shortly so I probably won't get over there until sometime in August.

                  1. re: mels

                    Drove by Moe's tonight and they're now open also!

                    1. re: crackerqueen

                      Bricco in Glastonbury is great. The restaurant is VERY well designed, and the pizza is some of the best I have ever had (New Haven included). Billy's moms veal ravioli are great. I will be here twice a month.