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Jun 26, 2010 07:59 PM

Weekday South Philly Lunch?

I'm meeting a friend and her 12 year old son for a movie on a weekday afternoon (a Wednesday), and we'd like to grab lunch somewhere before the movie. Are their any decent non-chain places in South Philly that are open for lunch on a weekday? Parameters are Christian to Oregon, Columbus Blvd. to 9th Street/Passyunk Avenue.


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  1. Pesto, on Broad near McKean St, has a nice (and inexpensive) lunch menu. If the 12 year old is not too adventurous, they have pizza as well. I took my 3 year old there and we split a pizza. Total bill...$6.50

    1. Tons... In the Italian Market, you got Paesano's and George's for sandwiches, Sabrina's, Teri's. On Washington and nearby you have your pick of Mexican taquerias, Vietnamese restaurants and Pho joints (including 11th St here). On Passyunk, you can hit Cantina, Fuel, Paradiso, Izumi. On Oregon, the Oregon Diner and the Cambodian place next to Oregon Diner. Slightly outside your parameters you have the South Philly Tap Room, the previously mentioned Pesto, Morning Glory, Tony Luke's. And I didn't forget John's Roast Pork on Snyder, though they shut the grill down at 2:30pm.

      All those places are good and kid friendly at lunch time; it depends what you are looking for.

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        Lots of good recs from barryg. I'm a big fan of paesano's, but with a 12-year old I might go across the street to Sabrina's. During the week, it's nice to go there, it's usually not the madhouse that it is over the weekend. They serve breakfast all day, so in addition to sandwiches and salads, you could also get pancakes or french toast.

        1. A 12 yr old would probably enjoy a Paesanos sandwich or tacos at Veracruzano.