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Jun 26, 2010 07:01 PM

Good Chinese food

We've been in the DFW area going on six years now and still haven't found a good Chinese place. Any suggestions in the Grapevine / Southlake area? Plenty of sushi, and bad all-you-can eat buffets but can't find any really good dine-in or takeout.

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  1. There was an awesome Chinese restaurant in Plano for years called Beijing. They closed down and I understand that they moved to Frisco. If they are still there and followed the blueprint they used in Plano, I would highly recommend.

    I feel your pain. I have had a devil of a time finding a good Chinese restaurant. Everytime I ask friends they all scream PF Changs or some other chain. Good luck on your quest.

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      Any good Chinese close to downtown? Driving all the way to Richardson is too much trouble for Chinese food!

    2. Have you been to any of the Chinese restaurants in the China town area of Richardson? T

      1. Mike, I'm afraid you're going to have to make the trek to Richardson.
        1- First Chinese BBQ. Bring cash. No credit cards. Well worth it though. Not expensive. Best won-ton soup this side of China. Arguably, the best Chinese in Dallas.
        2- Caravelle. 400 North Greenville Avenue. Richardson. Excellent food. More expensive. Very popular. Call first on weekends to make sure they're not closed for a wedding dinner. Have the shrimp ball appetizer.

        First Chinese BBQ
        Richardson, TX, Richardson, TX

        1. If you are looking for a good Chinese restaurant on par with the ones in SFC, Los Angeles, NYC, or even Hawaii, you are out of luck. Most of DFW's Chinese restaurants are run by Vietnamese and their taste buds are just a little different. New San D'Or (sp) used to be my favorite, but they were pricey and closed down. They were quite authentic. First Chinese BBQ is ok in a pinch. I can't think of a single place in the Grapevine/Southlake area. You'll have to go to Richardson, but it might be fun. While you are there, you can check out some of the Chinese grocery stores.

          First Chinese BBQ
          Richardson, TX, Richardson, TX

          1. Yao Fuzi chinese restaraunt in plano......CAnt be beat.........Just won the award given by D magazine for the best chinese food in DFW