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Jun 26, 2010 06:45 PM

Boston Farmers Markets - Which Ones are Open on Tuesday or Wednesday?

I will be in Boston the last week of my vacation, in late July. I wanted to know which ones are open on Tuesday or Wednesday and what the latest foods are to find. I will buy some stuff to take home with me on that Wednesday. I live 4 hours away and I will be in an air conditioned car.

I am looking for fruits (berries of all kinds) and anything else that would not go bad in a day and also I could cook with when I got home (or the next day).

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  1. the harvard farmers mkt (by the science center on harvard's campus) is on tuesdays, and the davis square farmers mkt is on wednesdays. the davis square one is the larger of the two. if you only live 4 hrs away, then whatever's in season where you live will be in season here, give or take. i don't know that there are any tremendously rare/specialty fruits and vegetables at either of these markets, but perhaps i am overlooking something.

    hi rise breads and taza chocolate both go to the davis square market, and are worth checking out. if you have a cooler, there's a stand that sells lamb (incl. sausages), and sometimes fish spreads, which are also pretty great.

    1. I really like the Natucket Wild smokehouse guy at Davis on Wednesdays. He's super friendly, gives lots of samples of his smoked fishes and spreads, and has great pictures of himself catching the fish you're about to eat. I think you could transport it 4 hours-- I brought some to my mom 4 hours by car a few weeks ago and it did fine.

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        +1 for Nantucket Wild Smokehouse. The bluefish pieces and the salmon spread are fantastic (with the plus of being able to try before you buy). And he takes credit cards.

      2. Lexington's farmers' market is on Tuesdays and Arlington's is on Wednesdays. They are pretty similar in the kind of food you will find there. Both have multiple vendors with fruits, veggies, and bread. If you have an insulated cooler and some ice, you might pick up some locally raised meat. Check out their websites for lists of vendors. Parking at Lexington is usually not too difficult and it is a breeze at Arlington. Both are reasonably convenient to route 2 if that is the direction you are traveling; Arlington's market is along route 3, which is nice if you are heading north on 3 or 93.

        1. Kendall Square is also open Wednesdays. There's a separate one in Kendall on Thursdays.

          1. Boston City Hall Plaza is open on Wednesdays and Copley Square on Tuesdays. You picked great market days. Bring a cooler, you can buy some frozen meat from Stillman's to slowly thaw and keep all the other things cold.