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4th of July Appetizers

I need suggestions for non'dairy appetizers. I am making dinner, and keep kosher, so I need vegetarian, no dairy products, appetizers. I am serving bbq. TIA

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  1. hmmm what about guacamole, hummus, tabouleh, baba ghanoush with different types of dippers

    fried pickles or plantains


    deviled eggs

    1. or what about grilled fruit kabobs

      tempura veggies

      Onion rings

      have you thought about the things you can do with tofu?

      1. balsamic marinated vegetables - broccoli, mushrooms, eggplant, radicchio, etc

        bruschetta with tomato and basil

        baked spiced sweet potato wedges

        stuffed potato skins

        olive tapenade with lavash crackers

        bean bruschetta

        Polenta rounds with a veggie tapenade or marinara

        1. This mango salsa is incredibly easy and delicious. Serve it with tortilla chips.


          Or this artichoke olive crostini...it could also be served with pita chips instead of crostini.


          1. Pop Rocks to be served with the fireworks (jk- sorta)

            1. One time, for a Fourth of July Friday night dinner, I made chopped liver in the shape of an American flag. I made chopped liver, chopped quite fine so the texture would be smooth. I molded it into a rectangle, and used a knife to outline the field of stars and the stripes. (This was actually the hardest part of the whole project. Fortunately, chopped liver is a forgiving sculptural medium; if the proportions were off, I could smooth it out and rework the affected area.) I cut red and white strips out of radishes, and lined them up to be the stripes. I filled the star area with uniformly-sized blueberries.

              When this was eaten, the blueberries were set aside, but the radish strips tasted OK with the chopped liver.

              My only regret is that I didn't take a picture. It looked wonderful.

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                to that effect, you could do a terrine of eggplant (with skins) or beets or purple potatoes, cauliflower and tomatoes or peppers if preferred. cook the veggies with soy or almond milk and onions and puree in batches with milk and eggs (are eggs ok? vegetarian, not vegan...) and herbs. then pour into a terrine in layers and bake. .....

              2. my husband and I like to have this for before dinner sort of instead of salad.
                I take sliced strawberries and drizzle them in very old balsamic vinegar.
                I do the same thing almost this basil and sweet 100's and a baby chunk of cheese.
                only I skewer and drizzle with my Tuscan balsamic&olive oil

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                  do you add black pepper to your strawberries? if not, try it...

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                    yep, out of my wooden wine bottle pepper mill that I recently acquired from Canada. we also do the same to really beautifully ripe cantelope and sea salt that too