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Jun 26, 2010 06:33 PM

Burmese Food at Trout Lake (Vancouver)

A bit of a quickie post.

There was a fundraiser for the Richmond Buddhist Temple at Trout Lake today. All sorts of interesting Burmese food that you can't find in Vancouver (unless you know a Burmese family who has invited you to one of their meals). Bo from Bo Laksa King was there slinging roti. Delicious noodle and papaya salads. Deep fried and grilled things galore. Everything was prepared for the Burmese palate (as most of the customers are from the Burmese community). Great food...and super cheap.


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  1. It was a great afternoon. Having it so close to the Farmer's Market made an interesting comparison and very convenient to do some shopping afterwards. Where was the crab? Was it part of that crazy hot papaya salad? How was it? I've seen the container for it at Asian grocery stores but never had the guts to try it.

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    1. re: el_lobo_solo

      It was part of the papaya salad sold at the table in the middle zone there. It doesn't taste fermented...merely pickled.

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        lobo, I'm the reason you didn't get to see the crab -- you, me, SO and repartee shared that som tam and I had to nix the crustacean because of my sensitivity to it. Mea culpa! But you did get a dash of salted gouramy in there ;-) -- see pic following. And I got a pic of the container the crab comes in, which lobo tells me they carry at the store Bo Laksa King is in.

        It was a great event, and not just for the food -- there was a Burmese gent there named Daniel who kind of took a shine to us when he discovered that we were really keen on the cuisine. He invited us to a couple of upcoming events and introduced us to the temple's monk, who gave us each a lottery ticket.

        We bumped into Vikram Vij at the market and he enquired about the snacks we were carrying (takeout for the Bro and SIL -- they loved everything esp the som tam as he's spent time in Thailand). We told him about the festival and he said he might check it out with his wife and girls.

        We had been waiting for the Burmese tea to be ready and were able to grab some to go. SO was quite taken with the way they prep it by tossing it back and forth to make it frothy. Who says you can't play with your food?

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          Here's a few more pix of the goings on, including a decent set of Bo's roti "demo" -- I bet his arms were sore from flinging that dough at the table so many times!

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            Oops, problems with the pix... here's the rest.

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              no crustacean culpa needed, grayelf. I"m not crabby ; ) I was just wondering from fmed's pic because when I peeked into the container I didn't see any crab claws or legs.

              That miced pork dish we got for take away still packs a punch all these hours after. Still have some for tomorrow.

        2. hi does anyone know if this fundraiser is still on?? or when will it be on again?

          1. Thank you so much everyone for come to support our fundraising.glad to hear everyone enjoy the food.for that we have raise over $3,500.Thank you so much for your suport guys.
            also i have good news for you guys.we will be opening second location of BO LAKSA KING SOOONNNNNNNN................

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            1. re: BLKING

              Great to hear that, BLKING. Definitely looking forward to it.

              1. re: _js_

                It was great fun, blk, and good food too. Please keep us posted about the new location.