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Jun 26, 2010 04:48 PM

Frozen custard in Colorado

We am looking for the best frozen custard in Colorado - especially in Denver and west . By best I mean very creamy and very dense, with a good vanilla flavor. (The acid test fr frozen custard is vanilla. we can go from there) for points of reference, Gooseberry's in Cary, NC and Katie's in Waco, TX are what we're looking for.

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  1. The only frozen custard places I am familary with in the Denver area on in Thorton and Broomfield. Culver's in Thorton is my favorite due to price and due to my long obsession with their food. They have great flavors of the day. The other place I recently tried was Abbott's which opened up in Broomfield off of 128th(?). The custard was pretty good but it very costly and reminded me more of ice cream than custard. Don't know how they stack up against Gooseberry's or Katie's but I would give them a whirl on a hot summer's day.

    1. In Denver proper are The Daily Scoop (at 12th Ave and Madison St.) and Cloud 9 (on 8th Avenue a few blocks east of Colorado Blvd). Small neighborhood shops, both do a great job of beating the heat with a sweet treat, but I'm unfamiliar with your comparision joints. Daily Scoop has vanilla, chocolate plus a flavor of the day; Cloud 9 has vanilla, chocolate and mix-ins. Both aren't far from downtown, maybe a 10-15 minute drive.

      Daily Scoop
      3506 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80206

      1. Abbott's Frozen Custard at the corner of 136th & Zuni is one of the few true frozen custard shops in the State. They are originally from Rochester NY, where the owners once lived, and they brought the franchise here. Folks from Upstate NY love the taste of home, as do many folks from the WI area. Coloradans are becoming quick fans. They have a limited selection of flavors daily as they churn/make the custard on the premises daily. However, if there is a flavor you crave let them know and they will call you on the day they run that flavor. They will pint any flavor they are running for you to take home and run a great special of Buy 2, Get 1 Free on the pints. For those with dietary concerns they also have a Sorbet, and a Non-Fat, Non-Sugar. For those from the Rochester, NY area they also sell Zweigles Hot Dogs and Grandma Brown Baked Beans.

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          I can't believe they have Zweigles, I will have to check that out myself. Anyone know where to find NE style split top hot dog buns in the Front Range to go with them?