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Jun 26, 2010 03:37 PM

Best Steak in Fairfield County

I told my father I would take him out for the best steak around for my Father's Day gift to him, figuring I could easily find some suggestions here since I am not much of a steak fanatic myself. The restaurant need not be a steakhouse, I would actually prefer not to go to the Morton's-style eatery. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated ( or a link to a relevant thread - I couldn't find one)

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  1. I'm a big fan of Giovanni's in Stamford. I generally don't order steaks out (too easy to grill at home), but Giovanni's is where I go when I'm in that mood. Good quality steaks, great onion rings, really good garlic bread and a great gorgonzola salad. They've got a pretty decent wine list as well.

    1. Joseph's in Bridgeport would be the easy answer, but they are your classic steakhouse joint which it sounds like you want to avoid.

      The best steak I ever had at a restaurant was a rib-eye special at Paci in Southport. Paci is an Italian restaurant so meat isn't their "specialty", but the quality and preparation of the rib-eye could have fooled even the purist steakhouse devotee. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, melted in my mouth. Because it was a special you aren't gauranteed to find it on a return visit, but they do have a Prime sirloin that is always on the menu. Given how good the rib-eye was I'd be inclined to give their sirloin a try.

      Paci Restaurant
      96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

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        Thanks for the help. I am not opposed to the classic steakhouse, rather the chain steakhouse e.g. Morton's, Ruth's Chris. I enjoy Paci, haven't had a steak there however.

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          The steak at Paci is good, the rib-eye is usually on the menu, as is the prime, but I believe it is about $55, which seems a little crazy to me!
          Match in SoNo has a great steak on the menu, served with creamed spinach and fries. It is always cooked perfectly and delicious, and there are tons of other options on the menu if you aren't looking for a steak for yourself.

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            My vote is for Joseph's also, A great place. The owner started as a waiter at Peter lugers.

      2. The steak frites at bistro bonne nuit in New Canaan is outstanding

        People may also want to weigh in on Blackstone in Norwalk as well.