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Jun 26, 2010 03:28 PM

Going to Dodger Stadium

Will be at the Yankees-Dodgers game on Sunday evening...
sitting in the Field Level.

Other than Dodger Dogs, what do you recommend to eat?

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  1. Cantor's Deli corned beef sandwich (on first level third base side only) is not bad for stadium food but is expensive. Garlic fries are good. Stay away from Dodger Dogs.

    1. Here are the rules if you want to bring in food:

      Containers and Coolers
      Hard-sided coolers are not permitted into Dodger Stadium. Guests may bring in soft-sided coolers that do not exceed 14 inches square and must be stored under the seat. All containers and coolers are subject to inspection by stadium personnel prior to entering the gates.

      Contraband - Items Not Allowed in Dodger Stadium
      Contraband items not allowed in the stadium include: glass bottles, cans, weapons, poles, umbrellas, backpacks, 14 inch or larger purses or bags, coolers, thermoses, beach balls, inflatables, banners, signs, flags, use of laser pointers, firecrackers/fireworks, boom boxes, air horns, whistles, musical instruments and pets.

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        What WM said... I LOVE my boyz, but generally the food is a let down. I bring my game food (Bay Cities Sandwiches, Empanadas, Salads from Lemonades) and what I save makes the price of beer sting a whole lot less... :)