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Jun 26, 2010 02:12 PM

Favorite 'rustic' cookbook?

I'm flipping through Christopher Kimball's "Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook" and wondering if anyone has favorite rustic-style cookbooks, which to me means simple, homey recipes without garnishes.

By the way, this is a pretty good book. I'm not a huge Cook's Illustrated fan, either.

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  1. I like the Italian Farmhouse Cookbook, by Susan Hermann Loomis. It is informative, and has a description of how she was introduced to each recipe. There are some lovely recipes in that book, and all of it simple, relying, in the main, on fresh and local ingrediants. I also have her Farmhouse Cookbook, and likely will pick up the French Farmhouse someday.

    1. The fund-raiser cookbooks in our area are homey, good mostly simple recipes. My favorite that is falling apart was the one produced by the National Grange for the BiCentennial. Cooks across America contributed their favorite recipes. They did two more cookbooks a few years apart and those are good, too. I like the one our county 4-H published because so many recipes are a family favorite.

      1. I'm not really sure if this qualifies as rustic, but I have a copy of The Settlement Cookbook, 1944, (subtitled "The way to a man's heart." ) The recipes are pretty homey and simple, with no garnishes.

        I have no idea where I got this book from; perhaps a roommate left it behind. I really don't ever use it, but occasionally take it out and read it in wonderment of how and what people ate in my mom's younger days, seven decades ago. The book is still in pretty good shape, no duct taped spine or missing pages.

        1. I really like Lynn Kasper Rosssetto's The ItalianCountry Table: Homecooking From Italy's Farmhouse Kitchens.