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Jun 26, 2010 01:33 PM

Denver late on a Sunday night

I'm arriving in Denver tomorrow night for a conference -- flight gets in at 841p, staying near the convention center at the Sheraton, I believe. Any recs for eats that will actually be still be open by the time I get to the hotel and stash my suitcase? Walking is probably preferred but I'm willing to cab it. Will have 4-5 people in tow. I know Sunday night is probably the worst possible time to get somewhere new (I've never been) and be hungry, but hopefully there's something that will work.

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  1. If you arrive at 8:41pm, you won't be arriving at your hotel until at least 10:00, I'd say. Seems as if options by that time will be extremely limited. Good luck!

    1. Steuben's is open until 11 pm on Sundays (and you'd need a cab for that).
      There's a Katie Mullen's at the bottom of your hotel.