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La Romagnoli: Very Nice Brunch and more

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Town Diner was crazed on Saturday so we went across the street to give La Romagnoli a try. Very good decision. Brunch is limited but excellent. I had a delicious frittata (mushrooms, roasted tomato and spinach) and my spouse loved the panettone french toast. Coffee was fine: both of us had expresso. We were finishing just when the fresh mozzarella came out, so bought some to bring home for a caprese. I have tried their mozzarella and their sauces before and liked them but the place only has about 12 seats so I hadn't thought about sitting down and eating. . The folks running it couldn't have been nicer: interested in our opinion of what we were eating and genuinely pleasant. I'll be back to try more of their food and for their brunch.

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  1. thanks teezeetoo, I was wondering about their sit down. I go in for meats/cheeses, but haven't lingered. I have always liked the detailed descriptions of everything.