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Jun 26, 2010 12:32 PM

Markets/Restaurants in Rome

Ok, yes, I know this question has been asked a million times, but my husband, son, his girlfriend and I are going to be in Rome next week (can you believe it!) and I literally have a list of restaurants 2 pages long! I am completely overwhelmed even looking at the list. We have an apartment on Via del Babbuino and I'd specifically like a recommendation for a first night dinner - it'll be about 8 pm when we finally get there and I don't think we'll want to walk too much of the city before food. Does anyone know of a good restaurant near Via del Babbuino? More generally, we probably have the budget for one splurge-y type dinner and others will have to be more budget minded. I'd also love to visit the Testaccio Market and any and all other farmers markets there, plus does anyone have a really good pasta or olive oil store recommendation? Lastly, I know I getting lengthy here - how does one best get this bounty home? Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Hi Denise,

    I was in Rome just last month and went to 2 great restaurants - 1 near to the Spanish Steps and another near Trevi Fountain, which i believe both are near to where you will be staying. They're called Al Moro and Nino. For markets, you should go to Campe de Fiori (check hotels for days that they are open) and any restaurants in the square are generally quite good though more touristy.

    For a splurge, we went to Baby which is a Michelin-starred restaurant and we were really happy with the experience.

    I did most of my food shopping in Tuscany but I found a few addresses for food stores in Rome that you might want to check out.

    For pictures and addresses go to:

    1. If you make it to Testaccio Market, you should obviously stop at Volpettis. Just steps from the market and well worth shopping there for olive oil, cheeses, pasta etc.

      1. Testaccio Market is a good start but also check out Roma Farmer's Market (weekends only) and Citta' dell'Altra Economia, both in the ex-Mattatoio (former slaughterhouse) in Testaccio. The market in Piazza San Giovanni di Dio is fantastic, as is the Piazza Vittorio market (aka Nuovo Esquilino). There is a farmer's market on the weekends on Via San Teodoro next to the CIrcus Maximus, but it may or may not be extended into july.