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Jun 26, 2010 11:43 AM

Santa Rosa plums

I just picked an armload of plums, the first real harvest I've had from this tree (previously the birds took care of them before I got there). I'm looking for non-labor-intensive ideas for what to do with them. They're still a little on the tart side but they have great flavor, but peeling and pitting all of these for use in baking or to freeze could take hours. Any suggestions?

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  1. I make plum chutney when my Santa Rosa blesses me with a crop, no need to peel and I freeze instead of process. Lots of recipes if you google.

    1. I made the most delicious, more beautiful jam with Santa Rosa Plums. My kids were gaga over it.

      1. In Alice Medrich's Pure Dessert there is a delicious and very simple recipe for a plum tart, that doesn't require peeling the plums.

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          I was going to recommend her plum and almond tart. As you say, easy, no peeling, and she recommends using Santa Rosas. I paraphrased the recipe in another thread, in case kittyfood is interested:

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            Thanks Caitilin, and others. I made a plum kuchen from one of Deborah Madison's books and froze the rest. Now on to the peaches . . .

        2. You can make a coffee cake out of them. You don't need to peel them. I had a cake I liked that used Santa Rosas. The skins add tartness I think so if your plums are on the tart side I might use just a little more sugar.

          A lot of plum cake recipes use Italian prune plums which are less juicy but Santa Rosas still work. There are lots of recipes on the web. This one looks good to me.

          1. You can use them in a fruit crisp. Just cut them into chunks and treat them the same way you would a tart apple.