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Jun 26, 2010 11:37 AM

I'm looking for a butcher shop / meat market (not a grocer or restaurant).

Can anyone recommend a good butcher in the Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas area? I have some questions about some "nose to tail" options and am looking for an old-school freestanding butcher shop (already tried my grocer). Thanks.

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  1. I've never used these guys, but came across their web-site last week last week. Little Elm is off 121, tucked behind the Colony. (i wish meat markets weren't so hard to come by these days.)

    1. I always use in Plano. Always very nice meat.

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      1. re: irodguy

        +1 for Hirsch's Meats...great selections including prime grade beef.

        1. re: RobbnTX

          another vote for Hirsch's. I grilled some Iowa cut pork chops from them last night. Very tender, even though I cooked them a minute too long.

        2. re: irodguy

          what is the difference between Hirsch's Meats and a grocery store like Central Market, Sprouts or Wholefoods?

          1. re: vr666m

            The "meat department" at CM is just that. A, meat department. I don't consider those guy's behind the meat counters at Central Market and Wholefoods to be 'butchers'. They don't cut up whole sides of beef to make steaks. They just open a cryovac bag and cut steaks from what's inside.
            The meat people at Rudolph's, Kuby's, and Hirsch's are real butchers. Those stores actually have whole sides of meat come in through the back door and then their own butchers carve and cut to make the steaks you see in the display cases.

            1. re: twinwillow

              so what's the difference in the meat?
              Is the cut better? Taste better? Price better?
              I mean, the meat in CM is cut by butchers prior to arriving to CM right? Or is it cut by machines?

              1. re: vr666m

                I'm not trying to imply that the meat at a free standing butcher shop is any better or worse than the meat department in a super market. Just trying to provide the answers to the originator of this topic's question. For myself, I prefer the meat at Central Market to the meat at Hirsch's.
                Although, I've found the meat at Rudolph's and Kuby's to be superior to both CM and WF's. Albeit, more expensive!

              2. re: twinwillow

                I regularly have a steak from CM that they custom cut got me.

                1. re: head

                  Re twinwillow: "They don't cut up whole sides of beef to make steaks".

                  CM, MS, WF and the rest of the "gang" do not receive whole *sides* of beef, pig, or any other animal; ie, you will not go into their "butcher" area and find any carcasses waiting to be discarded - their soup bones come frozen in a box.

                  However, some of those guys do have experience in real butcher shops and can provide information and advice.

                  That doesn't mean a butcher's steak is superior to any other. Ultimately, it depends on the cut and grade. I was once told that the cutting technique of a steak matters. It needs to be cut slightly against the grain for added tenderness. It sounds logical, but ...... not sure I'm buying it.

                  1. re: CocoaNut

                    Cutting a steak depends on the cut of beef. A ribeye for instance is an easy cut. It's a matter of trimming the primal nothing all that fancy.

                    On the other hand a sirloin can be destroyed easily. You can tell a sirloin any day that has not been cut / trimmed properly because it will be super tuff ...

                    1. re: CocoaNut

                      I can believe it, as I've seen bad carving destroy the texture of poultry ...

                      Local Yocal in McKinney has opened since this thread started ...

            2. Kuby's in Highland Park has a great meat department with an amazing array of choices.

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              1. re: mikemeehan

                Kuby's is on the south end of Snider Plaza in University Park. Excellent butcher!

                1. re: mikemeehan

                  Kuby's has terrible customer service. They do not stand behind their products. Super expensive, not worth the drive.

                2. In addition to the above, Rudolph's on Elm Street has been a very highly respected butcher in Dallas for more years than anyone else. And, don't forget that little butcher shop a few doors down from Scardello Cheese on Oak Lawn. Just across the street from Pappadeaux Seafoood a block north of Lemmon.

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                  1. re: twinwillow

                    That's VonGersteem's Butcher Shop. I bought about a dozen ribeyes and a big pork butt from him a few weeks ago. He trimmed them up very nice prior to weighing them(something not done at CM) and the price was only a buck or so per pound more than the SALE price at CM. The owner Greg is knowledgeable and very accomodating. He says the beef is 28 day dry aged and a "high choice" grade, whatever that means. They were well marbled, had great beef flavor and were tender. The selection is a little limited in the shop; I'd reccomend ordering ahead if you have large purchase needs.

                    90% of the meat I buy is from CM or WF, so it's nice to get a different tasting steak once in a while.

                    I like Roudolph's a lot too, but he's expensive, especially when buying a little volume. Of course Kuby's is great too.

                    1. re: sike101

                      That's odd, I find Rudolphs to be considerably less expensive than CM/WF....

                      Typically I get prime, dry aged bone-in ribeye from Rudolphs for 16.99/lb and CM is 25.99/lb and higher....

                      CM meat department no longer gets any of my business, on one occasion they refused to grind to order .5 lbs of lamb, veal and pork for me, saying that they had pre-ground packs at the end of the case... when i explained I didn't need the 4.5 lbs of meat that would result in they said they were out of ground meat...

                      next time I wanted chicken thighs and someone pointed me to the pre-package case of thigh quarters "these are the only thighs we have" and I asked them to remove the legs that didn't work for the recipe, they said no....

                      1. re: DarnellErwinFletcher

                        I may be wrong but I don't think those 16.99 ribeyes at Rudolph's are prime, nicely aged and tasty, but I dont think prime, not that it really matters.

                        CM will run choice ribeyes at 8.99 a pound I believe. Not a huge difference on 2 steaks, but 10 pounds... I buy meat there mostly out of convenience and b/c I can't get to Rudolph's before closing on my way home.

                        Seems to me that CM's prime beef is just barely so at times, I rarely buy it there. I do like the grass fed steaks they get at WF.

                        1. re: sike101

                          I've been enjoying the sales that CM has run on steaks since spring, however, there is usually quite a thick slab of fat "trimmings" around the edges that I don't think would be there if paying the "regular" price.

                  2. If you're near Lewisville, try the Old Town meat market. It was featured on a Bobby Flay show a few years back.