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Jun 26, 2010 11:11 AM

Soju (Japanese & Korean Cusine) - Portland, Maine

I went and had lunch today at Soju and I was very happy with the meal I had. I got Kim Chee Chi Ge (Kim Chee, tofu, Korean vegetable & pork stew. The broth was really good a mixture of pork goodness and kim chee (which they make). I highly recomend this place if you like Korean food. It is located at 511 Congress Street 207-773-7975.

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  1. Good to know. I recently came back from a visit to Seoul and was wondering where I could find Korean food here. Do they do Korean BBQ?

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      I read an online review of Happy Teriyaki (630 Congress St) that made me cry. The couple that owns it now are from Korea and the reviewer is from Taiwan. Very authentic. Can't wait to go. Avoid the Japanese side of the menu seems to be the prevailing wisdom.

      Korea House
      630 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101

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        They do serve Korean BBQ but not the kind you cook yourself.

      2. I'm not sure I would say that "by far" HT has better food than Soju. I've dined at Soju three times since it opened. I've had the bibimop, the spicy squid, and the kim chee chi ge (kim chee, tofu, pork stew) and have enjoyed it all (the stew, in particular, was fantastic). I've also been to HT a handful of times and enjoyed my meals there as well.

        I'd say a more direct comparison of the dishes is in order before one proclaims HT the winner.

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          Love Soju! Is better than Fuji used to be by a long shot! For me, if you aren't looking for straight ahead, fantastic korean and sushi this is my new favorite in Portland. Better than Yosaku, Benkay, and all others. Even though Miyake is a different scene of sushi that is very good and decadent, if what you want is great sushi this place has what you want and it is wonderful! You have to try the sushi special menu, totally to die for! And the Coconut Martini is a great way to end an evening ;)