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Jun 26, 2010 10:05 AM

help with a spareribs recipe

I am cooking the cornmeal-green peppercorn spare ribs recipe from the cuurent issue of Fine Cooking magazine. Here's a link to the recipe:

However, the only ribs I could find were pre-cut. I packed them very tightly together and wrapped in multiple layers of foil. I am wondering if anyone can recommend how much I should cut down the cooking time. The recipe calls for the intact rack to be cooked over indirect (300 degree) heat for 3-3.5 hours, rested overnight, then reheated and crisped for 4-5 minutes the next day.


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  1. The cooking time is mostly to break down the collagen in there, so the cooking time shouldn't change much. You do have to worry a bit about them drying out, though... On the flip side, wrapping them tight in foil will result in steaming them, giving a decidedly different texture... I would probably cook them uncovered most of the time, and then cover them towards the end.

    1. I have made these ribs and they are incredible! They get a really deep sweet/corny flavor from the cornmeal mixture.

      I would think it would be really hard to follow the instructions for this recipe with separate ribs though. It would be much harder certainly...

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        I have actually never seen spare ribs broken down like that... odd.

      2. I have never seen pre-cut spare ribs in a store.
        Are you sure you didn't buy country-style ribs? (they come pre-cut and technically they aren't ribs).