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Jun 26, 2010 09:29 AM

Montreal Jazz Festival eats

We like to chow at the Jazz Fest, since the overpriced street food pays for the free music, lots and lots of free music. The hot dog stands are in fewer numbers this year, so we got some chicken pitas at the GRILLADES stand. Not bad, and sure better for us that a grilled dog.

Any other feedback on this year's eating choices (street-food or sit-down), at the Jazz Festival?

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  1. We dined out on those chicken pittas too last night - I was pretty impressed, and the salad they serve separately has an unusual orange flavoured dressing which I quite liked.

    No other feedback, although the SAQ bistro food looks quite nice - just pates and sandwiches etc - but not outrageous prices.

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      Today I had the most expensive item at the new Bistro T (stretched along side of contemporary art museum) --the bavette/flank steak which was thick and very tasty, gravy served separately (I ordered medium rare and found it rare but that was probably my mistake as in Quebec meat is served more rare, but wasnt problem for me), it was suppose to come with french fries and waiter agreed to substitute with scalloped potatoes. The meal was delicious and quite filling (along with several slices of bread). It was very good value for 20$ in this location, + I had a cafe allonge which was 4$, could not tackle dessert. It was their second night and I just walked in with no reservation when they opened at 5:30. The bill came on signed pottery in the shape of a quebec license plate. The entertainment was provided by the street performers nearby. My only criticism was that everybody seemed to have french fries with whatever they ordered so this to me does not attract repeat customers who want more choice although you can have sideorders as extra. The staff were atttentive and helpful. The ambience is pleasant, a respite from crowds of jazzfest.. Most of the items were less expensive, the Montreal sausage was 15$ and there were snacks, comfort food, I was puzzled by a main course which just said bacon, unless it lost something in translation but waiter assured me it was just bacon......Instead of a posted menu the menu and prices were written on the window but people had to go inside to look at a menu as not easy to read with sunshine. Drinks were attractive but alcohol free until license comes through.

      1. re: wilmagrace

        I forgot to post my review about Bistro T. I went on opening night so the waiter was very attentive and was almost urging to get my feed back. I also opted for the bavette, which i ordered rare. It was topped with Toque's butter. Very nice piece of meat, very well seasoned. My friend had the sausage. Rather small portions but tasty sausage and the red pepper went well with it. Funny enough, my friend and I did a "mistake" which made our meal even tastier. The bavette came with a sauce (Reduction with the juice of the meat and jack daniel) which we initially thought was for the SAUSAGE. The waiter old us later that it was for the bavette. My friend poured the sauce with the sausage and it tasted really good! It's a good thing that I didn't put it with the bavette; the bavette was salty enough.

        As for the appetizer, i had the saucisson brioche, which was a piece of saucisson inside of a brioche. I was expecting the saucisson to be salty but to my surprise it wasn't. It was good on its own but not mind blowing. My friend ordered a parmesan cromesquis (i really thought it would be like the fois gras cromesquis at PDC so we carefully ate the whole thing.. no gushing though). Again, we experimented and ate both the parmesant cromesqis with the saucisson and it went very well together!

        All in all, it was great for the price we paid, but it's not mind blowing. I'll go back to try the tartare once their license comes through. i think this place is a great 5 a 7 spot, just for convo and light food.