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Jun 26, 2010 09:29 AM

What are some Norcross Georgia don't miss restaurants?

We will be in Norcross on business and would like to eat at a restaurant with great "local food". What would you recommend?

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  1. I would recommend Mi Pilon, it is on Buford Hwy, right outside of Historic Norcross, a very cute neighborhood with some other notable places to eat.
    Mi Pilon has a buffet, where the owner will describe what they offer for the day. Roasted pork, oxtail, roasted chicken, chicken soup, picadillo etc. Don't forget to ask for some hot sauce, it is great!
    Another great option is Zapata in Historic Norcross. They have the most unreal soups, so flavorful.
    Hope you enjoy your time, there are other parts of Norcross with Ted's Montana Grill and Dreamland Barbecue.

    Mi Pilon
    5705 Buford Hwy, Norcross, GA 30071

    1. We ended up eating at the Flying Biscuit the first night and the second night we ate at the Watershed in Decatur.

      I ordered the shrimp and grits at the Flying Biscuit and the grits are some of the best (if not the best) grits that I have ever eaten. Of course, when you add white cheddar cheese and sour cream how can they not be wonderful? The biscuits are great, too. We did not order dessert because almost all of the desserts were based on biscuits and we had already had biscuits. I would eat there again, but I think that I would choose to go there for breakfast.

      Cheff Scott Peacock just left the Watershed and Chef Joe Truex is the new chef. When we were seated and brought menus we were given an additional daily menu and
      were told that there is a new chef and the items on the daily menu were recipes that Chef Truex was trying out. We split a salad off of the specials menu. It was an Arugula salad with Georgia peaches and country ham. The salad was served to us on two plates and they are very nice about splitting dishes so that people can share. My only complaint about the salad is that no bread was served and Arugula is not easy to get on your fork. I mentioned to our server that the salad was crying out for some type of bread to use as a "pusher". For entrees, my husband had the Okra Pancakes, Summer Squash, Cucumber Salad . Everything was delicious. I ordered Pan-Roasted Duck Breast that was served over some of the best succotash that I have ever eaten. Again, no biscuits, rolls, or bread was served. For dessert we split a peach/blackberry buckle from the special menu. It was delicious but I was a little surprised that it was served at room temperature instead of warmed up. However, I would definitely eat here again if we came back to the Atlanta area.

      Flying Biscuit Cafe
      1655 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307