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Jun 26, 2010 08:24 AM

driving from jfk to sag harbor - help!

we're arriving tuesday, june 29th at 6.00pm from london - it'll be about 8.00 till we get to sag harbor. is there anywhere along the way to stop and pick some good if not great things for dinner? here's the preferred route: belt pkwy to southern state to 27 and then either through noyack or even upto bridgehampton if thats worth the candle.

ideally, it'd be something we could call ahead and have them keep ready for us. we've used angora (the turkish place in medford) a few times before, but that does involve going north and coming back south, wasting 20 minutes or so.

all help appreciated and tia.

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  1. How about Smokin Al's in Bayshore? Or Argyle Tavern in Bablyon? Here are the links:,
    19 West Main Street, Bay Shore - (631) 206-3000

    1. I grew up "out East" so here is my 2 cents on things closer to Sag Harbor, but well worth checking out:

      Brewsters in Hampton Bays is great for fresh to-go seafood and won't be out of your way.

      Funcho's in Westhampton isn't terrible, but not sure if you want Tex-Mex

      In Southampton, my go-to place is always La Parmigiana. Their meatball heros are famously delicious, as are their salads (pick up their olive oil as well!

      1. If you don't want to spend too much time jumping on and off Sunrise, how about Spicys in Bellport? Besides the top class chicken, they have fish/shellfish and BBQ beef/pork, and of course ribs: and are experts at take out. Welcome to the USA so to speak (don't know how they do BBQ in the UK).

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          Oooh, Spicy's! Now i'm going to be craving that spicy's mustard/pepper sauce. SO GOOD.

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            is that better than townline bbq? (which i learnt about from a post of yours). sagg main is our preferred beach to be pummeled by the waves, can't believe i've ignored this place since it opened.

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              Townline is very authentic, while Spicys is...I don't know...not fast food exactly but they do they make the food their own special way. The chicken is deep fried with a cup of the aforementioned sauce on the side, comes with the best collard greens and mac salad that I have ever had. Well the chicken is pretty much perfect too. As is their bucket of wings. Husband cannot go without their mac and cheese. The fried fish and oysters are made fresh by them. The ribs are hit or miss, if they're done to falling apart they are wonderful. I've had success with cooking them further at home to rectify that. It's less than 5 minutes south of Sunrise on Bellport Rd. Maybe I should mention the neighborhood may seem a little rundown/scary but you'll be there before it's dark, and I assure you it's not as bad as it looks (I advise takeout though). There's another one in Riverhead Village if you don't get there Tuesday.

              BTW I know the girl that has the concession truck on Sagg Main, her food is pretty darn good, she's from California so besides the usual she has wraps and quesadillas. Of course it's sort of fast food but healthyish and great for a quick easy bite. Also the bakery items at Sagg General Store are great for grab and go, although I'm sure you knew that.

          2. Why don't you take the LIE and stop off at Fairway in Plainview?

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              the lie takes us up north and then we've got to go back south again - too much time wasted for jet lagged hungry travelers.

            2. Why not stop in Umberto's Pizza in New Hyde Park, just 10 minutes from JFK, for some of the best pizza on Long Island.

              Or, you might consider going to Vittorio's in Amityville, south of Southern State on Route 110. It's just a half mile or so south of 27, which you could then jump on to continue your journey. There will be traffic lights for about 5 miles on 27 before it become a limited access highway all the way to the Hamptons.