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Sessions Public - Pt. Loma

Anyone know anything about this place? Opening in Pt. Loma soon apparently...

From Facebook page:

New American Pub Food

Whatever you eat at Sessions Public will be tasty, interesting, and comforting, and won’t require a bank loan to pay for it.

Whenever possible, we choose local, sustainable food sources and vendors. We do that because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it tastes better.

Our menu is made up of small plates, shared plates, sandwiches, and salads, and large plates. There are no rules. Choose whatever you like and share it if you want. Small plates start at $5 (like Serrano Ham or Blistered Tomatoes with Artisan Bread). Shared plates range from $7 for Alsatian Onion Tart to $12 for Sautéed Crab Cakes. Sandwiches and salads are in the $8 to $14 range, while no large plate is over $20.

As our consulting chef says, “Every dish on the menu is an example of someone’s idea of comfort food.” That’s why you’ll find Fries with Garlic Aioli dipping sauce or Thinly Sliced Serrano Air-Dried Beef nestled up to Duck Confit Thai Summer Rolls, and the savory Alsatian Onion Tart sharing space with Spicy Calamari and Salt & Pepper Wings. You’ll see dipping sauces offered with many of our dishes – because who doesn’t love to dip their next bite in something yummy?

Our sandwiches and salads are all your favorites with a twist, like a natural beef burger topped with local Gouda cheese, arugula, confit tomatoes and onion garlic aioli – all from local sources. Carnivores will snap up short rib sliders or a BLT made with Nueske tempura bacon, but if you’re vegetarian the roasted Portobello mushroom with fresh Mozzarella sandwich is for you. On the salad side, our Cobb features spicy wild Mexican prawns along with bacon, a farm-fresh egg, avocado, blistered tomatoes and a sriracha dressing. Or go for a frisée with duck, poached egg, and shaved asparagus.

The large plates have something for everyone, from duck with udon noodles to fresh pasta, seared albacore with mole, brick chicken with quinoa, or lobster and scallop cioppino. A dessert selection from a local patisserie will change daily.

Website: http://www.sessionspublic.com/ although their facebook page has more info...


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  1. What is "natural" beef...is that opposed to artifical beef? Beef is natural in it's basic state. What misleading advertising hype.

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Well at least it isn't soylent green... Website is clearly buzzwordrific...

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        I think calling the advertizing misleading is a little harsh given the quality of meat used. I ate the burger last night and was absolutely stunned at how good it was. It was better than any burger I've had anywhere in San Diego. I came to the conclusion last night as I was enjoying the burger that in order to produce a burger so good, it has to rely primarily on the quality of meat used.

        1. re: EROCK24

          The use of the term "natural" to describe the meat has nothing to do with the quality of it or the qaulity fo the burger.

      2. From the address, 4204 Voltaire, it looks like they're replacing that pizza place, "Little Italy." The restaurant's in a long narrow space next to the Catalina Lounge. It's at a busy intersection, with difficult parking. Hope they make it, as we have way too many pizza shops in the area.

        Catalina Lounge
        4202 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107

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          They had a soft/friends/media/industry opening last night. My twitter feed was deluged with interesting sounding small plates. I believe they are opening to the public in the next week or so.

        2. More burgers and crab cakes for SD? Grrrrr...

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          1. re: Alice Q

            if done well, why grrrr"? give it a try before the negative observation

            1. re: ibstatguy

              I don't know, I must have been in a mood that day! I have heard good things about their food - and they do have some other things on the menu. I'll have to give it a try soon.

              1. re: Alice Q

                it isn't haute cuisine but it is some good pub grub...

          2. Anyone been yet?? I'm very curious.

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              Nope, but official grand opening was tonight.

              1. re: SDFoodie468

                How is the beer selection? On tap, I mean

                1. re: keena

                  I'm not a beer expert, but they seems to have all'othem fancy beers yaguys like. Them crafty kind.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    they've got 15 or more, I'd guess, on tap and with a lot of locals

              2. I went last night with my wife and we shared the duck confit thai spring rolls, the chicken oysters and the short rib sliders with fries. I washed it all down with three Sculpin IPAs and it was all very tasty. I'm impressed with this place.

                1. saddened to report that Sessions is no longer open for lunch...

                  1. Went to Session Public tonight and we really enjoyed it. We shared the hamburger and friend green tomato sandwich. Both were tasty but I especially liked the latter, with sriarcha aioli and arugula. Those two ingredients, unexpected in that kind of a sandwich, were delicious.

                    For beers we had the Lost Abbey Judgment Day and the Ballast Point India Pale Lager. Craving a smokey porter but disappointed to not find one on tap this night, we were recommended to try the Judgment Day. It was too sweet for my liking and I much preferred the Pale Lager.

                    As for aesthetics, there are dining options in the front, quieter, street-front area or in the back, which is MUCH noisy. There was no way we'd be able to enjoy a twosome conversation in the part so we preferred the front. It's a bit dark but not in an annoying-can't-see-what's-in-front-of-me way. SP is set up with a mostly industrial vibe which is fine but I just found the place to be way too noisy overall.

                    Very friendly service with knowledgeable servers on hand to describe the beers.

                    I'd like to see more vegetarian options for my sweetie and a cheese plate (not just a charcuterie).

                    We're excited about this addition to OB/PL and will definitely be back.


                    The Lost Abbey
                    155 Mata Way Suite 104, San Marcos, CA

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                    1. re: globocity

                      We actually prefer the back (despite the noise) because I can't tolerate the harsh, bright lights of the 7-11 across the street in the front room.

                      But the tasty food is still the same, whatever your preference.

                      1. re: foodiechick

                        True, that 7-11 is an eye sore and visually distracting for the patron facing it. I would have preferred to sit at the tables along the wall. Due to our hearing losses, sitting in the back would have made conversing impossible. I think on Thursdays they offer specials on Carlsbad mussels and cask beer. Two of my faves.