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Jun 26, 2010 05:39 AM

Asheville Tailgate Markets

Thought this article in today's ACT might be of interest. Good info in one place. Lists the tailgate markets in the Asheville area along with hours.

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  1. Since I just moved here this article is helpful
    Been to N Asheville(really nice)
    and Weaverville market(not much there)
    what is city market like?

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    1. re: mustardgirl

      I haven't been to City Market, but I believe it's one of the better ones, if not the best. They also do a "south" City Market on Wednesdays 2pm - 6pm in the Biltmore Town Park (off Long Shoals Rd. in Arden), which is much closer for me. I hope to get there this week so will see what they offer. Don't know if it's a "City Market Lite" or if it's close to the real deal. Will report back. Here is the link to City Market's site.

      1. re: Scirocco

        I love, love, love the City Market downtown. It is bigger than the North Asheville market. I'd definitely say it is the best and is worth checking out! We go religiously every week.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Went to City Market south location today and really enjoyed it. It wasn't huge, but ample and good variety. Was maybe 15 - 20 vendors (I forgot to count). Someone said the main City Market in AVL has maybe 30? Great variety and great quality. I blew my budget. :-/ Not that that's all bad.... lol

          The vegan bread guy sold out of maple pecan bread and the cinnamon raisin VERY early, but still had other stuff. Two goat cheese vendors, mustard, eggs, pork products, veggie produce, blueberries, flowers, tree guy, a guy from Park Ridge hospital making demo food WITH food he'd bought at the market (I loved that!), quiches, Sunburst Trout folks, ummm, can't think what else. Lots of samples to try. Had an AMAZING almond/amaretto bread pudding at the mustard tent (not exactly sure why she was selling bread pudding, but was really glad she was). My friend took some pics, so I hope to post those once I get them.

          Was busy, but not even close to mobbed. Hope they survive since it's very convenient for me! :)

        2. re: mustardgirl

          city market = heaven on earth. (unfortunately, heaven requires more cash than I was led to believe)

          1. re: danna

            LOL I'm setting a budget for myself for Wednesday...

            1. re: Scirocco

              What about the Farmer's Market where Moose is located. Which one do you prefer. Thanks.

              1. re: Littleman

                The Farmer's Mkt near Moose is similar to ours in G'ville...meaning it seems to just be a place where truck farmers from all over come to sell their stuff. So rather industrially produced stuff, lots from Florida, etc. Prices probably better than the grocery store but that's about it. The last time I went was because I needed a whole lot of pecans and didn't want to pay through the nose.

                Other than that, though, you would really, really be missing out if you went there instead of one of the tailgate markets where the produce seriously appears to be what came out of the ground that morning. I need to take my camera next time I make it up there.

                1. re: danna

                  agree completely. much more "mass produced" at that one. has its place though as danna pointed out.

                  am hoping to have pics of the south one. will post if we take some.

                  1. re: Scirocco

                    sorry this took so long. Here is a shot my friend took of the market. She got permission to get on the roof of a nearby building! As you can see, not huge by any stretch, but not bad.

                    1. re: Scirocco

                      Regarding "good info in one place," If you want something in print, The Citizen Times this coming Sunday and Wednesday will include an ad listing all the weekday markets and the Fri and Saturday papers will have an ad listing all the weekend markets, in the Mountain Tailgate Market Association. Image of the ads attached but probably not readable the way it will process through Chowhound. Maybe if you save it to your machine and then print it.

                      The July issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors also has the market list in a nice display ad.

                      Last week's MountainX had a display ad listing all the markets on page 4, but the new one is on racks today, so this only works if you still have last week's lying around.

                      As always, find a complete market list at, just click tailgate markets.

                      Scirocco, love your roof photo, if you like the South Asheville market, please help spread the word, sales are not yet where they need to be, especially for items that need cooking, and we have lost a vendor or two. Convenience foods sell best in that neighborhood, which doesn't benefit the farms as much. The market needs more customers to find it and spend money, we've done direct mail in South Asheville and some advertising, but how to effectively reach South Asheville with promotions is kind of a puzzle. Advice welcomed.

                      1. re: jorgeanchovy

                        ya, as I mentioned, it wasn't mobbed by any stretch. I don't really have any advice for improvements (rare for me!! haha). I guess I can see the apart/condo crowd probably being more into convenience cooking. :-/

                        Perhaps trying to spread the word outside of that development? I'm in Mills River and I like that market because it's later in the day and closer to me than Asheville. But, I know most people probably don't have a problem going to the earlier ones. I'm just not a morning person. :)

                        1. re: Scirocco

                          Good point, Scirocco. Asheville is not that big of a place. If it were I, the fact that I could go to the South Asheville market some time other than Sat. morning is what might cause me to go there, rather than the location. So i think advertising shouldn't just be pinpointed to those neighborhoods.

                          We just got a market near-ish my house in Northern Greenville county and it's held fri 4-7 which is just PERFECT timing for me. Nowhere near the scale of Asheville, but still, I'm thrilled.

                          1. re: danna

                            Yes, saw your post - that is good news! And I was thinking that perhaps if this market stayed open until 7pm (even as opposed to 6pm), that might help the after work crowd (although the good stuff does go early) ??

                            There is now a Mills River farmer's market - 8am - 12pm on 280 at the "Town Hall" strip Mall (not far past Food Lion). I am, literally, like a mile from there and can't seem to get up for that one. Sad. But, we ARE enjoying things like Bailey's French Toast at, really, where's the incentive to get out of the house?? :)