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Jun 26, 2010 05:21 AM

Kagawa Prefecture Noodle Museum - Still Open??

I'm planning a trip to Shikoku during Obon and in my Googling came across a mention of "Kagawa Prefecture Noodle Museum." But I can't find much about it, except for an expired link. Does anyone know if this place is still in existence? I wanna go! Details would be appreciated!

Also - I would love to take a cooking class in Shikoku if anyone knows of any. Or learn to make udon. Not sure of all my stops yet, so info about a cooking/udon class anywhere on the island is welcome.

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  1. i have been to kagawa before but i have never heard of the udon museum. i looked it up on net and there are a few sites about the museum but i am afraid it might have been a temporary exhibition.

    as for a cooking class, i believe there are many and here is one of them.
    it says there are two classes. one of them is making it from scratch and it takes three hours. and another is for those who want to make a short cut. if you just want to cut noodle and boil it, it takes only one hour.

    there are many kinds of udon but i really like sanuki udon. enjoy!