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Jun 26, 2010 04:06 AM

Anyone tried Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands lately?

My husband saw something on TV about the place and we are thinking to try it out. I read some of the postings on the board and they were quite mixed and dated. Anyone has recent experience with this place?

Copper Canyon
51 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

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  1. I went a few weeks ago for a weeknight dinner with the girls. There was only one other table in there besides us. We had the chips, salsa, yes the expensive guac, all of which were yummy. I shared a VERY large and quite delicious salad with a friend, but now I can't recall. I think it was arugula with nuts and currants. It was excellent. I had the grilled shrimp. I received 5 shrimp with a big stack of asparagus for about $27. I thought this was a little high, especially considering it did not come with a starch. They were good, not great. They would've been great if they had actually been HOT. I try to avoid sending food back unless absolutely necessary, which I deemed this not to be. We shared a chocolate ganache something for dessert, it was pretty good as well. The best part of the meal were the Margaritas, the guacamole, and the salad. One of my fellow diners frequents it often and loves the scallops and the steaks. It's worth a try, imho.

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      Thanks MichelleM131, margaritas sounds great! It seems like you had a good experience, unlike some of the other posts on the board. I guess, maybe going on a weekday is a better choice.

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        Seems faint praise for a $27 Entree with 5 shrimp that you had decided not to send back to the kitchen for not being hot. $5 each with a $2 heat avoidance surcharge? I'm sure Al Gore would appreciate the "green" aspect of the energy savings involved, but the actual meal sounds like a loss. I suppose the Margaritas may have helped sway the review, but still... :-)

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          Ha ha! I guess you are right. Perhaps the Margaritas and the company led me to not judge too harshly. Maybe next time just the drinks and the snacks?

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            May I also recommend the lamb chops, the steak, and the top shelf margaritas. To die and go to heaven. And one more thought about CC while I'm here. There's a new "steak" house in this town, and let me just say you'll be dreaming about the taste of the steaks, lamb chops and everything else at CC, after trying this new "steak" house. CC has an excellent niche, great buzz, and is a valuable member of the Atlantic Highlands restaurant scene. Other places (see new steak house), are just ultra dull compare to here. Just my HO.

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              Nicely stated Sockster. I would totally have to agree with you. Don't leave out the crabcakes best I have ever had.

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                pmt1111. If you are ever in Atlantic Highlands on a Friday afternoon, head over to the Farmers Market. The stand that sells homemade raviolis and crabcakes makes THE BEST crabcakes of all time. I bet Copper buys their's from these guys. They did tell us a few restaurants in town buy their crabcakes and claim them as their own.

                Also if you do go, try the homemade raviolis. Also outstanding.

                1. re: J M S

                  While you're at the farmers market, thry the homemade mozzarella- also fantastic....

                  1. re: J M S

                    There's a stand at the Red Bank Farmers Market that sounds like the same vendor. We tried their crab cakes and a couple of their raviolis. The raviolis were decent, though I've had others that were just as good from some local Italian delis and from WF. The crab cakes were pretty good, but really nothing special. I've had others in the area just as good.

                    I still have some in my freezer that blows them all away. I get them from Box Hill Pizza (yes, pizza!) in BelAire, MD. They have a website, and will ship them, though I just pick up a bunch when I'm in the area.

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                      $100 for 4 crabcakes? Do they blend in gold nuggets? :-0

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                        I believe you're right. I pick up his mozzarella some Sundays in RB as well. Gotta try those Md crabcakes tho. Sound yummy. Ever try the ones at Bay Ave Trattoria? Joe makes incredible crabcakes.

                        Bay Ave Trattoria
                        122 Bay Ave, Highlands, NJ 07732

            2. re: MichelleM131

              I wrote this review previously, but I'm not sure what happened to it! So, I'll write it again. I would NOT bother going to this restaurant. Yes, their food can be good, but not so good that it excuses their rude behavior. Twice when I was there with friends, after an hour, hour and a half, the server rudely stated that we had to leave because they needed the table! The second time was right after we ordered a round of drinks (and there were several of us) and the server placed his hands IN the glasses to take them in order to hurry us out! I am not the only one to have had this experience; a friend of mine went to the ladies" room and when she came back an entirely different party was seated at her table! She had to ask them for her handbag which she had left under the table! I will not go back there until they learn to value their customers.

              Copper Canyon
              51 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

            3. Just went last night. It was great! The food has always been consistently delicious but the borderline cranky service has always been a drag. This was our second visit this summer and we noticed a definite improvement in the attitude of the staff. We had an awful experience there during the winter and swore we would never return. But our craving for their delicious baby lamb chops and that wonderful spinach and arugala salad wore us down. Hopefully they are recognizing that people want to enjoy the whole dining experience and that great food can really suffer if the management makes diners feel taken advantage of. The fish tacos are excellent , great steak, great grilled shrimp. They have the most delicious chips and salsa! Great margaritas too! So it's really good to feel the really needed improvement in service is heading in the right direction.

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                Well, maybe I'll try it again. Their steak and scallops are really good, but I really don't want to be rushed out again! My friend often goes there for lunch and she says they're more relaxed then. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I own the table for the night, but I think pushing your customers out so you can squeeze in as many table as possible in a night is just rude. Not to mention, there are ways to do things and say things and they just haven't learned (or hadn't the last time I went there which was 3 years ago) how to do it properly. So, if you say they're improving in the customer service department, I'll try them again.

              2. Haven't been to CC in a while but have wonderful memories of some of the best lamb chops and steak in the area. Started with margaritas. They came in what looked like 6oz. glasses and were filled to the top with ice. While they tasted fine, they were tiny for $10.50 a drink. We each had two and felt nothing. The four lamb chops came out with chopped pineapple and were ok, but not memorable at all. Steaks came out perfectly cooked med rare as ordered, but were topped with this thick rub, that really overpowered any steak taste. We both finished about half of our steaks and went...meh....not so good. In my opinion, what used to be one of the more memorable meals/restaurants in Monmouth County, has become quite pedestrian. That in itself wasn't the worst part.Chips and salsa, one lamb chop app, two steaks, and four margaritas: $130 plus tip. It just wasn't worth the price...not even close. Too bad!!

                1. I went here for the first time yesterday, and I thought it was ok, but definately way overpriced. I had the fish tacos, but I wish I asked first how they were prepared. They were deep fried, and I thought they were a little too done because the deep fried crust took over the whole flavor of the fish. It came with a teaspoon dollop of guacamole. 2 fish tacos were $ 14.00.

                  My mother had the chicken quesadilla. They always look so big because of the tortilla, but it was barely stuffed with any chicken. It did have great flavor to it. It was served with some canned diced pineapple. We also had to ask for the black beans, since they don't inclde them unless you ask.

                  We had 2 margarita's in those little glasses. I could not believe those little things were $ 10 each! Imagine if I asked for Patron in it??

                  The bill was $ 48 before the tip. Really pricey considering what we eat. I don't think I will be going back there any time soon.