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Jun 26, 2010 03:47 AM

Who has the Best Fresh-Baked Pies?

I'm willing to drive a distance to get an excellent fresh-baked pie.
Cherry pie is my goal, but any fruit pie will do.
Any recommendations?

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    1. The Bakery House on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr has out-of-this-world cherry pies and blueberry pies. The filling is sweet but not overbearing and the crusts are firm at the edges but softer as you work your way in.

      And they also come in a small size, so you can try one before committing to bring one to your party.

      1. I second the Bakery House, all of there stuff is really good, seems like homemade!!

        1. I am not a pie person, but many people I know swear by Linvilla Orchards.

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            Linvilla tets their pies (frozen i believe) from a large wholesaler. They are fresh baked but not freshly made.

          2. J Scones in Doylestown behind Cross Keys Diner had good pies