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Jun 25, 2010 09:51 PM

Joseph Catering?

We are looking for a caterer for our wedding reception in October. I was researching caterers that offered *comfort foods* and hot dog carts, when I came across Joseph Catering. Their menus seem to fit exactly what we were thinking about.
Now I would like to know if anyone has experience with them and can tell me whether or not they have good food? There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and eating bad food, so I am open to any suggestions. We are also looking at Chow Girls, however they seem to be less flexible in customizing their menu for us.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and we are expecting no more than 100 guests, in case that makes a difference.


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  1. I would recommend checking out The Knot or Indie Bride message boards to see if anyone local has feedback. I don't know anything about Joseph specifically, but I will say that Chowgirls consistently serves far and away the best catered food I have ever had. I'd advise meeting with them if you haven't already and maybe together you can come up with a solution.

    If it is the kind of thing that's important to you, Chowgirls is also able to accomodate vegetarian and vegan guests in addition to the omnivores, and uses local and organic ingredients.