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Jun 25, 2010 09:28 PM

St. Augustine's Restaurant & Lounge - Commerical Dr, Vancouver

This place looks like it has a great line-up on brews on tap. Has anyone tried the food?
What sort of ambience does this place have?

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  1. The beer selection is great (40 lines I believe...a few of them are cask conditioned). The food is mediocre (I like Alibi's better). The ambiance the two times I was there was actually quite bad - they had a top-40/rock radio station blaring on the sound system - commercials and all. Totally put me off the place. I'm willing to give it another go soon now that summer is here.

    1. i've been there a few times as well and as mentioned appeciate the taps selection, the reason i go there is because they have Sun God my most favourite summer beer of all time, i agree the atmosphere ain't great inside but thats fine by me aslong as i can sit on the patio, people- watching and quaffing my Sun God i'm a pretty happy guy

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        They carry Sun God Wheat at The Whip :) way better place to relax and hang out in...

        Agreed about St. Augustine's atmosphere...bland, uncomfortable... Almost ruins whatever beer I might be having there.

        1. re: flowbee

          another reason for going is that i am always down on the drive santa barbara etc.. so its convienient whereas the whip is somewhere i never go, or never in that area for that matter as its defo a destination pub

          1. re: vandan

            The only real difference between The End Cafe (previous name) and St. Augustines is the beer selection. The food, service, and ambience is still pretty terrible IMO.

            Also, i've had a lot of old beer there. Which doesn't really surprise me as it's very rarely SUPER busy, a la Alibi Room. 40 Taps = 40 different beers. They're not all going to move.

            Vandan: Sun God now in bottles. Check private liquor stores.

            Alibi Room
            157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA

            1. re: Cancuk

              cool i called the brewery few months ago and they told me it was coming, i have called a few times lately and coudn't even get anybody on the phone nor even leave a message so i resorted to calling brewery creek a few times and they still didn't have it , so thanks so much thats great news

              1. re: Cancuk

                hmm just called brewery creek and they still don't have it in stock yet, have you actually seen it anywhere?

        2. I have been there twice and honestly won't be going back again. The only thing the St. Augustine has going for it is a good beer selection. Everything else rates poorly. Service, ambiance, clientel, food and God almighty, renovate those horrid stinky bathrooms, they are grotesque to the point of nausea and beyond.