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Jun 25, 2010 08:24 PM

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach party today - did anyone go?

It was free on Friday. Did anyone go? Any good?

It's $5 on Saturday and Sunday. Supposedly you could get 2 for 1 tickets in advance but they aren't available.

Wouldn't mind seeing a horse race but website doesn't give too much info about that.

Thinking this could be lots of hype for nothing but long lines for subpar food.

Review from last year don't look promising but my daughter scouted out this event. She loves different types of food (hey, she's a product of a chowmom) and horses. I don't want to discourage her from seeking out fun/different things to do but my gut feeling this isn't a good thing.

Any thoughts?

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  1. We went on City Hall Plaza two years ago, and were frustrated by long, slow lines, and not-cheap offerings.

    You could get Firefly's with no waiting, but the others were all 20-30 people long lines, 15 minutes minimum. And no way to tell who was *really* good, and who was just there, as they all have signs claiming to have won tons of awards (even Fireflys, which I like, but I recognize it to be just good BBQ, nothing that I would give an award to).

    If you can get the names of the purveyors and do some research then it might be worth the investment of time and $$. Otherwise, it's just a crapshoot for decent BBQ out there.

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    1. re: L2k

      i stopped by friday afternoon for a quick lunch. was a decent sized crowd early on...more people than last year around that time. guess the free admission helped a bit with that. a noticeably smaller bbq party this year with the amount of bbq stands they had set up. think they had 2 or 3 more last year....this year is 6.

      tried 3 places that have not been there in the past....the place from chicago, the fat guys place, and jacks down home. like jacks the best. nice big ribs, great rub, and a nice sauce to compliment. the chicago place i didnt care for their ribs. not very big and the meat fell off the bone way too easily. couldnt taste much in the way of a spice rub and the sauce did not compliment at all. the fat guys place was actually pretty decent imo. their 3 rib sampler was a dollar cheaper than everyone elses. nice meaty ribs....decent spice and a little on the sweet side for me but good sauce.

      overall not that bad. might head back this weekend with some friends and try out some other stuff.

      as a side note....have to "commend" whoever the dj was for playing the un-edited version of sublime - "what i got". for those not familiar with the song the f bomb is dropped twice during it. real nice around 1pm with all the kids that were there.

      1. re: L2k

        When I last went (also 2 years ago) the line for fireflys was *massive* and the line for everything else was non-existent. That always struck me as odd.

      2. Hidden Boston went yesterday and put some pictures on his website:

        I intend to try it someday, but not this time around.

        1. Couldn't be bothered for sub par Q, ever heard of their vendors? You could probably do better at American BBQ or one of the local places. Oh , yah, free on Friday what do you think the PG boys want to give you free admission? Doubt it, they couldn't sell the tickets.

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          1. re: treb

            seems like a bargain compared to the other festival that was in town today

            1. re: hargau

              Actually went to the Great American Food and Music Fest. Waste of time and money. Good thing my tickets were free.

              Out of the 18 stands they were suppose to have only 11 were there. All the ones I wanted to try wasn't there except Jim's Philly cheesesteak and Goldies Churros. The phillycheesesteak was dry and definitely wasn't worth the $8+ for a sandwich and the churros got smaller as the day went on. Our batch was under cooked in the middle and salty.

              Very unorganized and the Neeley's were a no show and they didn't know why. It was a wasted day.

          2. I went once, years ago, maybe the first one. It was an all-day line ride with subpar BBQ at the end. Vowed NEVER AGAIN.

            1. I went on Friday evening since it was free. I wasn't too impressed. We went to the Austrailian was okay..not any better than food I could get at a local place. The lines weren't too bad on Friday but we were suprised at the lack of seating...maybe they added more for Saturday and Sunday.

              If we had paid to get in we would've been upset at wasting our money. :)